messagegtw (Message Gateway)

The CA Unified Infrastructure Management messagegtw (Message Gateway) probe is used to publish CA UIM alarms to an external application using webhooks. A webhook is a simple notification message using an HTTP POST to an external application. In CA UIM, a webhook is triggered based on the occurrence of an alarm. The webhook integration also enables an integration with CA Automic for self remediation. For more information about the UIM-Automic integration, see Integrate CA Automic.
A common application of this would be to invoke a REST API of an external application with a customizable JSON payload. The payload can be customized and configured to use variable substitution from the source alarm, device, metric, and configuration item. For example, you might alert your remote application when an alarm is generated in CA UIM. For instance, the webhook can trigger an issue in issue tracking software, send an SMS message, post a message to a Slack channel, or send the alarms to any other third-party application or web page. For more information see, messagegtw probe documentation.