mon_config_service_recon Release Notes

This page contains the Release Notes for all versions of the mon_config_service_recon probe.
Revision History
(Released with UIM 20.3.3)
  • (20.31 HF1) Resolved an issue where updates on the UIM profiles were not always triggering the probe restart. (Support Case: 32283937)
  • (20.31 HF1) Resolved an issue where monitoring profiles were not always getting assigned to the server. (Support Case: 32327952)
  • (20.31 HF2) Resolved an issue where MCS profiles were getting created too slowly. (Support Case: 32440705)
March 2021
GA release of the probe.  The mon_config_service_recon 20.31 package is included in the bundle mon_config_service_bundle 20.31. This bundle is released as part of the UIM 20.3.1 patch. The UIM 20.3.1 patch includes various standalone artifacts. Therefore, ensure that you deploy the related 20.3.1 artifacts (mon_config_service 20.31, mon_config_service_ws 20.31, mon_config_service_recon 20.31, mon_config_service_cli 20.31, robot_update 9.32, OC 20.3.1 Upgrade Installer, uimapi 20.31) to access the complete functionality that the patch provides.
November 2020
Controlled release of the probe.
Controlled Release
September 2017
Installing the Probe
Install the probe on a primary hub or a secondary hub. Install only one mon_config_service_recon probe in your
CA Unified Infrastructure Management
This functionality is not applicable for enhanced MCS profiles.
If you choose to run the mon_config_service_recon probe on a secondary hub, verify that the probe can:
  • Communicate with the primary hub
  • Communicate with the devices (robots) that you want to monitor
  • Connect with the UIM database
When submitting the recon job from the secondary hub, ensure that you configure the crypt key in the robot.cfg file of the secondary hub computer. To do so, get the certificate.pem file form the ..\security folder of the primary hub. Copy the file to the secondary hub. Add the
cryptkey = .pem file location
parameter to the robot.cfg. Restart the secondary hub.
Installing the Probe for SQL Server Users
If you use SQL Server for your UIM database execute the following SQL statement before you deploy the mon_config_service_recon probe to the target.
Follow these steps:
  1. Before you deploy the mon_config_service_recon probe to the target, execute the following SQL statement from SQL Server Management Studio:
    CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX IX_SSRV2Profile_reconciled ON [dbo].[SSRV2Profile] (reconciled) INCLUDE (status, cs_id)
  2. Drag the mon_config_service_recon probe from the Infrastructure Manager Archive to the target host robot. The target robot can be the primary hub or a secondary hub.
Probe Specific Hardware Requirements
Install the mon_config_service_recon probe on systems with the following minimum resources:
  • Memory: 1024 MB of RAM
  • CPU: 3-GHz dual-core processor, 32-bit or, 64-bit
Probe Specific Software Requirements
We recommend that you always use the latest available version of the required probes and packages. The following minimum software versions are required:
  • For 20.3.1 (GA release of the probe), UIM 20.3.1 and mon_config_service 20.31.
  • For 2.00 (Controlled release of the probe),
    CA Unified Infrastructure Management
    8.5.1 and mon_config_service 8.51.