nas (Alarm Server) Release Notes

The Alarm Server (nas) stores and administers alarm messages for the UIM Alarm product. The nas package in the Archive contains two probes - nas and alarm_enrichment:
The Alarm Server (nas) stores and administers alarm messages for the UIM Alarm product. The nas package in the Archive contains two probes - nas and alarm_enrichment:
  • The alarm_enrichment probe is a pre-processor probe for the nas probe. The alarm_enrichment probe attaches itself to a permanent queue and receives alarm messages that are distributed by the hub. The messages flow into the alarm_enrichment probe, where alarm storms are detected. The alarm_enrichment probe also enriches messages with additional information read from external data sources using a Configuration Management Database (cmdb). The alarms are renamed to alarm2 and are then sent to the nas probe for further processing. The alarm_enrichment probe is also responsible for processing the Time Over Threshold event rule.
  • The nas probe is a service probe that attaches itself to a permanent queue and receives alarm2 messages from the alarm_enrichment probe. The nas probe acts upon the incoming alarm message, storing information about the message into the UIM database.
  • The alarm_enrichment probe must be running before the nas probe can start.
  • Both probes must be activated on the hub for alarms to properly process.
Probe Revision History
(Released with UIM 20.3.3)
  • The nas probe now lets you persist the maintenance schedules even when the maintenance_mode probe is not reachable from nas. Also, while trying to reconnect, the previous schedules are not deleted and the alarms can be filtered even if the maintenance_mode probe is unavailable. A new parameter
    is available that lets you decide whether you want to discard the maintenance schedule. You can specify the value as
    . The value
    implies that the maintenance schedule is retained.
  • Fixed an issue where, in UIM 20.3.0 (nas 9.31), when the parenthesis "(" or ")" was used in the Auto-Operator (AO) message matching criteria (RegEx), all alarms were matching. However, only alarms matching the alarm text should had been identified. This issue was occurring because starting from nas 9.31 RegEx is being used instead of the pattern matching to match the alarms. This represents a change regarding the previous pattern matching behavior. Also, ensure that the RegEx defined in nas for any AO rule or pre-processing rule must be validated and must not include any RegEx complication error. For more information, see the KB Article. (Support Case: 32302660)
  • Fixed an issue where pre-processing rules were not working as expected in nas. (Support Case: 32476942)
March 2021
(Included in UIM 20.3.0)
What's New
  • Fixed an issue related to no heartbeat alarms. (Support Case: 31888807)
  • nas 9.31 has introduced some changes in the way strings are matched using Regular Expressions (RegEx). In versions prior to 9.31, the RegEx was based on the string matching, so not strictly following RegEx. From 9.31, the RegEx patterns follow the RegEx rules for matching.
September 2020
(Included in UIM 20.1.0)
What's New
  • Fixed an issue where NAS Name Services is replacing hostnames with IP addresses. (Support Case: 20106226)
  • Fixed an issue with Alarm Enrichment and/or NAS not working properly. (Support Case: 20103051)
March 2020
(Included in CA Unified Infrastructure Management 9.2.0)
What's New:
  • Fixed an issue in which nas was issuing multiple requests to the maintenance_mode probe when at the startup. This issue has been resolved by introducing a nas raw configuration parameter
    . This parameter helps avoid multiple requests to the maintenance_mode probe. This parameter changes the proposed startup time of the maintenance window by ensuring that it starts x minutes from the time nas starts. So, if any alarm with alarmtime older than the time nas starts comes into this window, then the request to maintenance_mode probe is not initiated. (Support Case: 01308974)
  • (9.06 HF7) Fixed an issue in which changes in the message field of the alarm were not updating properly in UMP. They were, however, working correctly in IM. (Support Case: 01276841)
  • (9.06 HF6) Fixed an issue in which the directory path of the nas AO profile scripts was getting displayed incorrectly. This issue was purely related to the GUI display. (Support Cases: 01343764 and 01344935)
  • (9.06 HF1) Fixed an issue in which the Time over Threshold (ToT) setting was not waiting for the configured time. This hotfix has a dependency on the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 package. Ensure that you deploy this 2017 package before you apply the hotfix. (Support Case: 01147010)
  • Fixed an issue in which when users upgraded to nas 9.06 all rules started ignoring the setting 'on overdue age' and were triggering an email escalation on every alarm_upate. The rules were completely ignoring the time and action mode and were acting after the first escalation trigger like they were set to 'on message arrival'. This issue was occurring because of the user tags getting updated whenever an alarm was getting updated. To resolve this issue, a new key "update_user_tag" has been created. By default, the value is set to yes. If you do not want user tags to update, you can set this key to no. (Support Case: 01295478)
  • Fixed an issue in which alarms were getting out-of-sync between IM and UMP. (Support Case: 01260495)
  • Fixed an issue in which users were observing that alarms were not getting updated in USM. To resolve this issue, a new field
    Sliding Window
    is added to the
    Rule: <Name>
    dialog. This field has been added to a pre-processing rule that users can set to ignore alarms for a time decided by them (based on the last updated time). For more information, see The nas Auto-Operator Tab. (Support Case: 01104899)
  • Fixed an issue in which the nas Auto-Operator profile was getting executed for suppressed alerts. (Support Case: 01335341)
  • Fixed an issue in which alarm enrichment rules were not working after upgrading to CA UIM 9.0.2. (Support Case: 01365935)
  • Fixed an issue where users were facing problems while configuring the nas probe name services. They were not able to save any modifications. (Support Case: 01290363)
  • Fixed an issue in which users created an Auto-Operator profile using the action type as email and added the trigger to that AO profile. The email was getting sent; however, the alarm details were not present in the email. Only the subject/message body that is defined in the Auto-Operator rule was being sent. For more information, see the related KB Article. (Support Case:  01251919)
  • Fixed an issue in which Auto-Operator profiles that had "scheduled profiles" attached to them were blocking execution of all other Auto-Operator profiles. (Support Case: 01313824)
  • Fixed an issue in which alarm enrichment that required altering the suppression keys for alarms was not working as expected even after configuration. (Support Case: 01349637)
  • even after configuring the alarm_enrichment probe to alter suppression keys, the functionality was not working as expected.
  • Fixed an issue in which users were facing problems while trying to configure the nas probe Names Services. In the Address Table, after any type of modification to a name, when they clicked OK, it was not saving the changes. (Support Case: 01290363)
  • Fixed an issue where users were receiving deadlock errors in the nas probe. This was causing uncertainty over whether all of their alarms were getting processed. (Support Case: 01300963)
  • Fixed an issue in which the nas probe was frequently going into the unresponsive mode. This was happening when users were creating pre-processing rule to suppress alarms during patching. (Support Case: 01317848)
  • Fixed an issue in which alarm enrichment queue was getting stuck and was delivering delayed alarms. (Support Case: 01342078)
  • (9.06 HF3) This hotfix fixes the following issues:
    • Fixed an issue in which a test alarm that was sent as critical was getting created as informational instead of critical. (Support Case: 01277944)
    • Fixed an issue in which, in the nas UI, the status of the alarm can now be stored based on the date, which was not working correctly. (Support Case: 01183090)
    • Created a key to update the time arrival/suppression when you sync with the CA Unified Infrastructure Management database. (Support Case: 01149554)
    • In UTF8 environment, when the message size is getting more than 4000, the message now gets trimmed to 4000 and gets uploaded to the database. The last four characters in 4000 are replaced with spaces. (Support Case: 01295478)
    • Fixed an issue that was occurring when many alarms were getting generated (for example, 50k) and a user was changing the (Time over Threshold) ToT configuration. The fix now significantly improves the performance. (Support Case: 01204522)
    • Fixed an issue in which the ToT was configured and the ToT window and sliding window were the same. Now, if a QoS arrived after a second later, it was not getting considered for the ToT window. This fix changes the configuration so that the QoS can be part of the sliding window, as the QoS for any probe is not collected before 30 seconds. This fixes the issue for all probes where ToT window was getting missed. (Support Case: 01147010)
      You need to download vs2017_vcredist_x64, if OS is 64 bit or vs2017_vcredist_x86, if OS is 32-bit from the web Archive into the local archive.
  • Fixed an issue where random alarms get past the maintenance mode. (Support Case: 00919393)
  • Fixed an issue in which the NAS sqlite and NIS database were getting out of sync. (Support Case: 01197051)
  • Fixed an issue in which when adding Auto-Operator and applying the configuration, the application error event was occurring at startup. (Support Case: 00340967)
CA UIM 9.2.0 has adopted OpenJDK 8u212 instead of Oracle JDK. Because of this change, CA UIM 9 SP1 (9.1.0) that was using Oracle JDK (JRE) 8u212 is no longer available and has been removed from the Support site. All the functionality that was included in 9.1.0 is now released as part of CA UIM 9.2.0. Consequently, all references to the 9.1.0 release and the probe version 9.10 (released with it) have also been removed from this probe documentation. We recommend that you move to this version 9.20 of this probe, as the previous version 9.10 is no longer available now. For more information about the OpenJDK usage in CA UIM, see  Adopting OpenJDK.
August 2019
What's New
  • Added a new 'Webhook' action type for nas Auto-Operators, to enable webhook integrations through the messagegtw probe.
  • Updated this probe as part of removing dependency on the end-of-life (EOL) Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables in CA UIM 9.0.2.
  • Updated this probe as part of addressing CVE-2018-13820 and CVE-2018-13819 vulnerabilities in CA UIM 9.0.2.
  • Updated this probe as part of removing known security vulnerabilities in CA UIM 9.0.2 by using the upgraded OpenSSL components.
  • Updated this probe as part of removing known security vulnerabilities in CA UIM 9.0.2 by using the upgraded MariaDB components.
  • Fixed an issue with Auto-Operator profile alarm acknowledgement.
    Support Case: 00908622
  • Fixed an issue where Auto-Operator time interval resets on probe restart leading to reprocessing of alarms.
    Support Case: 00957991
  • Fixed an issue where nas Active Schedule (By Calendar) was not honored after restart, and nas AO gets deactivated on nas restarts.
    Support Case: 00852601, 00937437
  • Fixed an issue where nas 'new_alarm' AO profile action is putting data in the custom_1 field.
    Support Case: 01092682
  • Fixed an issue where when
    nas restarts, the nas_alarm database table is truncated and repopulated.
    Support Case 00952648
  • Fixed an issue where CPU utilization of
    nas probe reaches 100%.
    Support Case 00946777
  • Fixed an issue where the nas probe was passing through alarms for hosts in maintenance mode.
    Support Case 00919393, 00984671, 00973941, 01083235,
  • Fixed an issue where
    alarm enrichment was purging the ToT tracking information for all QoS metrics from devices being monitored by vmware probe.
    Support Case 01070513
  • Added documentation to highlight that creating a AO profile of type EMAIL doesn't allow subject to be specified unless you select "On Trigger' action mode.
    Support Case 00975379
  • Fixed an issue regarding segfaults (
    segmentation faults) on nas probe.
    Support Case: 00859241
  • Fixed an issue regarding User Tags being replaced by nas on remote hubs.
    Support Case: 01007335
  • Fixed an issue where AO Profile for Severity Level = Clear, calls lua script twice when user acknowledge alert.
    Support Case: 01166304
  • (9.00 HF4) This hotfix resolves the following issues:
    • Fixed issues related to the nas crashing/unexpected restart.
    • Fixed a file descriptor leak. (new in HF2)
    • Fixed an issue causing slow performance in Infrastructure Manager when CA Spectrum integration (using the spectrumgtw probe) is enabled.
    • Fixed an issue where the nas 'new_alarm' AO profile action is putting data in the custom_1 field. (new in HF3)
    • Fixed an issue where the nas intermittently allows alarms through for devices that are in maintenance when the maintenance_mode probe fails to respond to the re-registration request from the nas within the default timeout period of 20 seconds. Added maint_max_resp_time key to the nas.cfg <setup> section which can be configured to override the default timeout period. For example, maint_max_resp_time = 50. (new in HF4)
    • Fixed issues related to ToT tracking information being purged on ToT rule configuration updates.  Probes like vmware publish ToT rule configuration update messages for all defined ToT rules each time a new VM is added or existing one deleted.  This was causing the alarm_enrichment to purge current ToT tracking information and stopped all ToT alarms from being generated.
    This hotfix release must be used by customers currently running nas 9.0. It is equivalent to nas 8.56HF2, plus the added functionality for CA Spectrum integration that comes with 9.0. Customers running nas 8.56 currently should use 8.56 HF5.
October 2018
What's New:
  • Updated this probe as part of supporting TLS v1.2 in CA UIM for establishing secure communication with the UIM databases: Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. For more information about how to enable TLS v1.2 support in CA UIM, see TLS v1.2 Support for Microsoft SQL Server and TLS v1.2 Support for Oracle.
  • (September 2018) Added support for monitoring Windows 2016.
June 2018
What's New
  • Increased the size of nimid column 25 to 50
  • Changed script for sql_server to restrict saving duplicate alarms
  • Added alarm_manager to NAS_TRANSACTION_SUMMARY table
Issues Resolved
  • Fixed column count for db inserts that prevented last column from being written
  • Fixed issue where negative nimts caused NAS to crash
  • Fixed issue where alarm enrichment pre-population was failing.
    Support Case: 908622
Known Issues:
March 2018
This release is compatible with all versions of UIM going back to 7.6 and forward to 8.5.1 and beyond.
What's New
  • NAS Name Services can be configured to no longer translate a hostname to an IP address or another hostname - it will only translate IP addresses to names.
  • To activate this add the following key/value to the "setup" section of nas.cfg:
  • Extra diagnostic logging has been added. This should not be enabled unless at the request of support.
    To enable, extra diagnostic logging, ensure NAS loglevel is at level 1 or higher
    Add "alarm_post_extra_logging = yes" to the "setup" section of nas.cfg.
  • In some environments, alarms are seen to load very slowly into the Infrastructure Manager console, and sometimes the complete list will not load.  If you experience this problem, add the following config key to the "setup" section of nas.cfg:
    “get_alarms_force_wait = yes”
Issues Resolved
  • alarm_enrichment rule_config file corrupts at system reboot
  • alarm2 retry logic improved
  • Timestamps in NAS_TRANSACTION_SUMMARY on the backend SQL database did not match the entries in the SQLite .db files
  • Fix for an application crash when a corrupted nimid is encountered
  • Resolved an issue with "overdue age" auto-operator profiles not firing when expected, but firing instead upon NAS restart.
September 2017
This version of nas is available as part of the CA UIM 8.4 SP2 release.
Fixed Defects:
Multiple Auto-Operators Are No Longer Ignored
  • In previous versions of nas, if auto-operators occurred within the same second, only the first auto-operator triggered. The rest of the auto-operators were incorrectly ignored.
August 2016
This version of nas is available as part of the CA UIM 8.4 SP1 release.
Fixed Defects:
  • The
    Reset suppression counter upon change of severity
    option in the nas probe GUI does not function in environments that use alarm replication. To correct this issue, the
    Raw Configure key has been added to the nas probe. For more information, see the topic The nas?Setup?Tab.
    Support Case: 302079
  • Suppression keys are now truncated at 255 bytes. This update fixes an issue in which suppression keys exceeding 255 bytes were not inserted into the UIM database.
    Support Case: 70002227
June 2016
  • The nas and alarm_enrichment versions now match the CA UIM version.
  • Characters after a
    symbol in the message field of an auto-operator are no longer removed from the rule after saving. 
    Support case 246522
  • The alarm_enrichment probe now enriches alarm messages that have an empty udata.source field.
    Support case 245788
  • nas.exe no longer shuts down when attach_note is selected as an action type, but no note is selected. Support case
  • Updated to use new version of the Nimsoft SDK
Jan 2015
Made additional performance improvements for viewing USM alarm information in large-scale environments.
Controlled Release
Sep 2015
Improved performance while viewing USM alarm information in large-scale environments.
Aug 2015
  • Fixed an issue in which alarm_enrichment rules based on empty probe ID values no longer worked in nas 4.67.
    Saleforce case 00161140
  • Fixed an issue in which the On Interval AO setting would not respect alarm count filters.
    Salesforce case 00162735
  • Custom tags are now truncated at 255 bytes. This fixes an issue in which custom tags exceeding 255 bytes were not inserted into the UIM database.
    Salesforce case 00162186
Controlled Release
Jul 2015
  • Added secondary nas support for maintenance mode.
  • Fixed an issue in which AO profiles using action modes On every AO interval or On every interva
    would execute before reaching the correct count if nas restarted.
    Salesforce case 00150567
  • Fixed an issue in which trigger state functionality for auto operators would not change (flags would remain grey even when alarms matched the filter).
    Salesforce case 00155195
Mar 2015
  • Fixed an issue in which long alerts (exceeding four-thousand characters) from the ntevl probe could cause an error with the NiS bridge.
    Salesforce case 00142103
  • Fixed an issue in which mysql UIM database passwords longer than nine characters would not work with mysql 5 authentication.
    Salesforce case 00142835
  • Fixed an issue in which some Lua scrips could cause memory leaks in nas versions 4.36 and 4.40.
    Salesforce case 00149127
  • Changed the nas probe configuration GUI to reflect updated Trigger Message Counters; Greater than now appears as Greater than or equal.
    Salesforce case 00144345
Dec 2014
  • Added support for the Time Over Threshold event rule.
  • Fixed an issue in which a long nimalarm system argument (exceeding 500 characters) could cause a nas buffer overrun.
  • Fixed an issue in which nimalarm was not packaging the Values
    PDS correctly in some cases.
Sept 2014
  • Fixed a Lua script issue that could cause a nas startup failure after a segmentation fault.
  • Fixed an issue in which nas would not send email when the On_Interval setting was selected.
  • Fixed an issue in which AO would not act on overdue_age profiles correctly.
  • Fixed an issue in which the alarm_enrichment probe would repeatedly retry messages if the required alarm fields were not provided.
Jun 2014
  • Fixed "temporarily out of resource" errors during callbacks to the nas probe.
  • Added support for maintenance mode.
Mar 2014
  • hostname set incorrectly during shutdown
  • Repeated restarts from the nas GUI causes program hang
  • Alarm enrichment requires lower case column names in overwrite-rules
  • Help button on nas using wrong help file location.
Jan 2013
Alarms not stored in replication database when message suppression is turned off
Nov 2012
  • Fixed I18N issue, required for UMP
  • Fixed pre-population query in alarm_enrichment cache.
Jul 2012
Added a pre-processing alarm_enrichment probe to substitute data in alarms from CMDB
Jun 2012
Added handler to fix SqliteBusyHandler terminating request
Mar 2012
Fixed: Lua call to note_create fails only on RHEL 6.1
Feb 2012
Fixed I18N issue affecting UMP and Localized GUIs
Jan 2012
  • Fix for a NAS initialization problem
  • Fully synchronizes Alarms on both sides of replication links.
Oct 31 2011
Defect fixes
Oct 13 2011
  • IPv6 support added
  • Fixed column width of schedules in AO profiles (now resizeable).
Jun 24 2011
Fixed defects relating to the GUI, MySQL, and Unix
Jun 23 2011
Defect fixes
Jun 2011
Improved handling of duplicate message-ids (constraint violations) in incoming alarms
Mar 2011
  • Added support for arguments to scheduled scripts.
  • Implemented storm protection to protect the nas from alarm storms.
Feb 4 2011
Auto-configured NAS to activate I18N support on fresh installs
Feb 3 2011
Defect fixes
Jan 2011
Fixed a problem with Oracle restart
Nov 2010
  • Fixed problem with long message texts not being inserted/updated by NiS bridge
  • Added support for internationalized/tokenized alarms.
  • Added support for a Oracle NiS database.
Sep 2010
Added support for NiS databases other than MS-SQL
Jun 2010
  • Fixed problem with alarm suppression counter reset.
  • Fixed minor UI issues.
May 2010
Defect fixes
Mar 2010
Added NMS libraries with SSL support
Jan 2010
Various defect fixes
Nov 2009
Fixed a variety of internal defects
Aug 2009
Fixed buffer overrun possibilities
Jul 2009
Defect fixes
May 29 2009
  • Defect fixes
  • Added support to alter the NAS subscribers 'subject'
  • Added support for 'raw configuration' of cross-domain replication
  • Added support for the 'state' method in pre-processing scripts.
May 26 2009
Removed restriction for the 'clear' severity as a candidate for pre-processing.
Mar 2009
  • Supports controlled server shutdown
  • Fixed possible deadlock situations for subscriber subsystem during certain database constraint violations.
Feb 2009
Defect fixes
Nov 2008
Added possibility to create custom pre-processing rules and event laundering.
Sep 2008
Improved replication over low-bandwitdh communication lines
Aug 2008
Fixed problem with operator period crossing Sunday night
Fixed name-resolution issues due to lookup aging.
Jun 2008
Fixed issues with restart and reconnecting to the hub queue
Apr 24 2008
Changed permission requirements
Apr 4 2008
  • Embedded scripting language for advanced message correlation and auto-operator functions
  • Improved the transaction log
  • Introduced an activity log
  • Introduced alarm summary information
  • Improved the auto-operator scheduler
  • Introduced the concept of operating periods for auto-operator profiles and filters
  • Introduced the concept of 'invisible alarms'.
  • Added alarm-message approximation for messages without suppression information.
  • Improved the scheduling services.
  • Introduced NAS replication services.
  • Introduced possibility to add notes to alarms.
  • Improved the IP to name resolution services.
Feb 15 2008
Feb 4 2007
Added origin, domain, hub, robot and probe information to network transactions.
Dec 2006
  • Fixed UI issue with the calendar configuration
  • Fixed problems with large alarm messages crashing the NAS
  • Fixed issues with zombie processes on UNIX.
May 2006
Fixed issue with auto-operator and the ability generate a command after alarm ack
Jan 2006
  • Added a calendar feature controlling filters and auto-operator methods
  • Functionality extensions.
Sep 2005
Fixed problems with import/export and hubnames containing the label "hub"
Mar 31 2005
  • Added NimBUS domain, hub and probe as possible matching criteria.
  • Added new auto-operator action type: post-message
  • Fixed various issues related to the auto-operator clearing alarms
  • Added possibility to expand variables in SMS phone field.
Mar 4 2005
  • Improved Import/export functionality
  • Added assign possibilities for exported messages.
Dec 2004
  • Fixed problems with locking on UNIX platforms
  • Fixed GUI issue with import/export.
Nov 2004
Fixed defects
Jun 2004
Modified the name lookup algorithm to permanently exclude more than 3 consecutive lookup failures
Mar 23 2004
Added support for automatic and manual database reorganization
Jan 2004
  • Simplified the IP/name resolution method
  • Added support for 'robotip' from new spoolers
  • Changed suppression key to handle NAT environments.
Oct 2003
Enhanced the auto-operator and filter time-specification properties
Jul 2003
Added support for 'Copy' auto-operator method in UI
Feb 17 2003
Added support for different ip/name lookup methods
Feb 13 2003
Fixed problem with export/import (slave alarm servers)
Nov 2002
Fixed synchronization problems with mirrored alarm servers
Aug 2002
Added suppression time when escalating an alarm. Fixed problems with get_alarms from Alarm Console
Jun 2002
Added support for time variables in auto-operator message decoder
May 2002
Prepared code for Nimsoft 2.51 release
Feb 14 2002
Fixed problems with "assignment"
Feb 2002
Improved handling of corrupted/invalid messages
Jan 17 2002
Fixed problems with name/ip caching mechanism
Jan 15 2002
Use "default" robot-name in alarm messages
Dec 2001
Improved "default" hostname algorithm
Nov 2001
Added transaction-log administration, fixes to auto-operator and transaction-log browsing
Oct 2001
Corrected network trans. logging tokens/data
Jul 2001
Fixed problems related to clearing/ack. Termination/shutdown problems fixed.
Jun 2001
Fixed problems related to Auto-Operator
May 2001
Added Auto-Operator as a thread.
Apr 2001
This section contains the requirements for the nas probe.
Hardware Requirements
Supported Platforms
The nas probe is supported on all UIM hub platforms, except for AIX--which is unsupported for nas. This includes 32-bit hub platforms.
Refer to the Compatibility Support Matrix for the latest information on supported UIM platforms.
This section contains the considerations for the nas probe.
Installation Considerations
The nas requires a permanent queue on the Hub. If you are upgrading an existing alarm server, the queue will already be defined.
Change in RegEx Matching Criteria
Starting nas 9.31, changes to the pattern matching to RegEx has been introduced. nas 9.30 (or earlier) was using pattern matching/RegEx. nas 9.31 (and later) uses only RegEx.
For example, you configure a RegEx as
sid =*
. This means that "
"  +  "
" means to match any character any number of time. So, it is expected that matches. This can be verified by validating the matching criteria:
  • In nas by pressing F2.
  • Or, on any regex online validator:
If you want to match any subsys ID like the following:
You need to "escape" the dot (".") to match the exact character. So modify your RegEx as\.*
. With this RegEx, and are not matched anymore. Instead, and are matched.
Known Issues and Troubleshooting
The NIS Bridge thread will not start after a NAS probe upgrade to 9.00. SQL related errors are showing up in nas/log
The new alarms (Alarms happened after NAS probe upgrade) are visible in IM tool (Alarm Window in Infrastructure Manager). However, no new UIM alarms are visible in UMP - USM.
  • The NAS probe has "schema versioning" information in NAS_VERSION table.
  • Since NAS 9.0 has schema versioning "10", the probe checks the versioning first, and if a lower version is detected, it runs some SQL to update the schema. The SQL statement is described in <NAS>/<Database>-nis-create.sql
  • The schema version in the NAS probe 8.4x / 8.5x is "9" and NAS 9.0 runs statements in NIS_BRIDGE_UPDATE_V9 SECTION
  • However, in a large UIM environment, NAS related tables are large, SQL statements (such as ALTER TABLE) may take an extremely long time to finish.
  • In Microsoft SQL Server environment, NAS probe runs SQL statements through Microsoft OLE DB Provider (a.k.a ADO) which has a default 30 seconds for its timeout.  If a query takes an extremely long time, it fails with a timeout. As a result, schema update fails, and the NIS Bridge does not start.
: 1. Stop alarm_enrichment probe.2. Stop NAS probe.3. Open <NAS>/sqlserver-nis-create.sql4. Find SQL statements described in NIS_BRIDGE_UPDATE_V9 SECTION. You have some SQL statements.5. Copy (to avoid typo) the first SQL statement.6. Open SQL database tool (for example, management studio) and select UIM database.7. Run the first SQL in the tool.8. Repeat the same step for the next SQL statement.9. Repeat the same step to cover all the SQL statement(s).10. Activate NAS probe.11. Activate alarm_enrichment probe.
Even if NIS Bridge is started, alarm histories occurred during problematic time (NAS_TRANSACTION_LOG) will not be re-populated into SQL database from sqlite (<NAS>\transactionlog.db)