snmpget (SNMP Get)

The SNMP Get (snmpget) probe sends SNMP GET queries to SNMP devices. The probe then changes the query result into configured alarm and Quality of Service messages for Service Level Agreement (SLA). You can also browse remote SNMP agents for required monitoring information.
The probe supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3.
SNMPv3 requires that your network community strings are at least eight characters long.
The probe extracts the monitoring information from values of variables in SNMP OIDs. The format of each variable name is the same as specified in snmp_variables. The probe collects information from static OIDs that are only configured for a profile, or uses template references. Many SNMP object identifiers represent cumulative values. The probe creates a delta value that is the difference between the current value and the last value.
Probes that support SNMP on Linux (interface_traffic, snmptd, and snmpget) use an SNMP library. This library can cause newer Linux systems to issue the following message in the Linux console log:
Process ‘SNMPget’ is using obsolete setsockopt SO_BSDCOMPAT
The SNMP library supports older versions of glibc which require the SO_BSDCOMPAT flag for sockets to work correctly. The network section of the glibc library sends this message. The message shows that an unsupported flag is being sent to the setsockopt function. The library ignores the SO_BSDCOMPAT flag, so you can also ignore it.
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