snmpget (SNMP Get) Release Notes

The probe supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3.
The SNMP Get (snmpget) probe sends SNMP GET queries to SNMP devices. The probe then changes the query result into configured alarm and Quality of Service messages for Service Level Agreement (SLA). You can also browse remote SNMP agents for required monitoring information.
The probe supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3.
SNMPv3 requires that your network community strings are at least eight characters long.
Revision History
This section describes the history of the revisions for this probe.
Support case(s) may not be viewable to all customers.
What's New:
  • (May 2021) Provided support for Windows 2019 and RHEL 8.x (x86_64).
  • (May 2019) Updated the snmpget MCS (version 2.02 onwards) as part of addressing the common vulnerabilities and exposures by updating the jackson-databind libraries. For more information and CVE numbers, see Addressing Jackson Vulnerabilities.
  • (January 2019) New MCS template (snmpget_mcs_template 2.01) with enhanced profiles that enable you to configure metrics, baselines, alarm thresholds, alarms - including Time Over Threshold alarms - and custom alarm and close alarm messages, all within a single MCS profile. For more information, see Configuring Alarm Thresholds in MCS.
Fixed Defects:
  • The probe was unable to import MIB files of size greater than 1 MB using the
    MIB Setup Wizard
    Support case number 245288
  • The probe was unable to close unwanted SNMP sessions. This resulted in communication loss between the SNMP server and the DNS/DC.
    Support case number 478016
  • Updated the IM Configuration article to state that the probe does not support special characters in the agent hostname and snmpv3 username field.
    Support case number 529875
January 2017
What's New:
  • Added support for IPv6.
  • Added support to use the robot name as the identification method in alarms.
Fixed Defects:
  • The probe did not generate alarms for incorrect SNMP v3 user configuration and displayed the monitored device as responding.
    Support case number 246494
  • The probe generated core dump when monitoring a device on a Solaris system with incorrect name.
    Support case number 314619
March 2016
Fixed Defects:
  • For new hosts, the probe applied the last used timeout value instead of the default timeout value.
    Salesforce case 00164867
  • The probe sent alarms for individual samples even before the required number of samples were collected.
    Salesforce case
    The samples are collected when a profile calculates the average value of the monitored metric.
  • The probe configuration interface displayed incorrect values when a numeric value was extracted from a string value.
    Salesforce case 70002968
October 2015
What's New
  • Added feature to modify the host not found error message and the host found clear message from the
May 2015
Fixed Defects:
  • The probe did not display metrics for some OIDs until all the MIB files were deleted from the MIBS directory.
    Salesforce case 00142442
  • Device Id was not displayed for the
    Agent Not Responding
    alarm due to which Maintenance mode was unable to stop SNMP failure.
    Salesforce case 00142524
April 2015
Fixed Defects:
  • Fixed a defect where the user was not able to specify any limit for log file size.
    Salesforce case 00144902
October 2014
Fixed Defects:
  • Implemented the regex support for comparing string values on IM probe GUI and displaying appropriate color of the counter. This option works only with
    Salesforce case 00122120
July 2014
Fixed Defects:
  • When the Threshold was set as “ ”, the expected result for operator ‘!=’ must be “ ”. The probe was issuing alarm ‘[’ even with the expected result.
  • While OID configuration for timetick, runtime error was being thrown if the
    Enable Monitoring
    check box was unchecked after entering an invalid threshold value.
April 2014
  • Fixed the issue of SNMP V3 authentication where you must restart the probe for applying the SNMP V3 authentication credentials. Now, the updated SNMP V3 credentials take effect without restarting the probe.
  • Fixed the issue of probe GUI where the probe was showing the duplicate OID. The probe was not able to validate a static OID is already configured in the profile and same OID is configured again through a template. Now, the probe shows an error message of duplicate OID.
January 2014
  • Fixed issue related to incorrect value calculated from Octet Strings.
  • Fixed a defect where value was wrong on GUI (value was always "0").
June 2013
  • Added probe defaults.
February 2013
  • Fixed issue of "Enable Monitor" for all OID Types.
  • Fixed issue of appending "?" for wrong OIDs. Fixed Runtime error "424".
  • Fixed: Value for "regex to numeric value" enabled templates is coming 0.
  • Fixed incorrect timeticks value in QoS.
June 2012
  • Added new callback to return all active profiles and their active children.
  • Fixed the handling of non-numeric timeticks.
  • Added support to consider elapsed time in value calculation of counter types.
  • Added support to fetch numeric value from strings using regular expressions.
  • Added fix to display sampled value in alarm message.
  • Added fix to support hostname in case of IPv6.
  • Added support to set custom suppression key in profiles.
  • Added support to use regex in threshold for string OIDs.
  • Added description in profile setting.
  • Added support for minimum 8 characters password for SNMPv3.
  • Fixed: It allows user to enter 260 characters for host name but all the functionality is performed on first 259 characters. It discards 260th character. Fixed Soc defects.
June 2012
  • Revert back to Robot address as default qos source (as used pre-1.66).
September 2011
  • Provided option for selecting different QoS Source and Alarm Source.
August 2011
  • Rebuilt with latest versions of snmp libraries. (v1.63/v1.64 had problems with SNMPv3 (authNoPriv, authPriv) on 32 bit Linux systems).
May 2011
  • Added Solaris Intel platforms.
March 2011
  • Fixed GUI load time.
February 2011
  • Added fixes to web-based Service Oriented Configuration.
  • Increased internal limit of OIDs per profile to 299 (from 199).
January 2011
  • Added support for internationalization.
  • Added support for reading alarm tokens from cfg.
  • Added support for web-based Service Oriented Configuration.
  • Fixed the GUI to read all Templates when language setting is set to German.
  • Fixed the Monitor Graph to prevent GUI crash on invalid values.
January 2011
  • Made changes to libraries with respect to configuration locking.
June 2010
  • Added support for dynamic index tracking.
May 2010
  • Added NIS (TNT2) support.
April 2010
  • Fixed "Variable has bad type" value displayed in GUI (and fetched by probe) when OID is actually missing.
  • Fixed severity of missing OID alarm (when using default message).
  • Replaced GUI "Splitter" component (display "arrow" icon when mouse is over the separator between the left and right window panes).
January 2010
  • Added fix to copy all OID parameters while dragging from template to profiles.
October 2009
  • Fixed error while reading new QoS definition which contains has_max value.
September 2009
  • Fixed the crash in QoS loading in case of empty group key.
: Previously the group was hardcoded to use QOS_SNMP_VARIABLE even if the group value was specified by user. Now the group would use the group value specified by user in the GUI.
August 2009
  • Fixed the default down alarm text in case of hardcoded alarm.
  • Fixed the crash in the $thr and $oid variables' expansion when the device is not responding.
  • Fixed the
    Device Not Responding
    alarm message in the probe.
July 2009
  • The OID available alarm clear is sent only when OID missing alarm is previously raised.
: Upgrade from version 1.33, 1.34 and 1.35 to 1.36 will change the QoS target from "profile.oid" to "profile.oid name" OR "oid" to "oid name".
July 2009
  • Added fix to save encrypted community string if 'Encrypt community string' option is selected.
June 2009
  • Bug fixes in libraries.
June 2009
  • Implemented native support for sparc-64/Windows64/Linux64 bit platform.
  • Added SNMP v3 support.
  • Official support for windows 2008.
  • Implemented average over x values graph.
  • Added support for $variable.
  • Profile settings will now override template settings applied to profile.
  • Changed the Qos target from to OID.
  • Removed the support for (Solaris 2.5, 2.6 and 7).
  • Some minor UI defects fixed.
June 2009
  • Fixed QoS definition issue.
October 2007
  • Fixed minor GUI issues.
  • Fixed bulk-configurator (keep group setting).
  • Fixed QoS Group settings.
  • Fixed rounding issues when using ratio.
  • Fixed decimal separator issues in GUI.
  • Added "bulk-configurator".
  • Added "Display timeticks as numeric datatype" (Note: this is a general probe setting).
  • Added QoS Group to the "Add New QoS definition" dialogue.
  • Added "agentgroup" and "oidgroup" as $ variables in alarm messages.
  • Added "SNMP Retries" setting.
  • Added "Stop" button to the MIB Browser.
  • Added limited support for the IPAddress datatype (compare as strings).
  • Fixed problems regarding empty strings.
  • Fixed problems regarding send of duplicate QoS NULL values.
  • GUI will no longer allow QoS name longer than 255 characters. (QoS Group limited to 64 characters).
  • Better handling of delta-computations (when counters wrap).
  • Fixed erroneous GUI symbols when using "extended rule".
  • Fixes UNIX-problem with "between" operand when monitoring OID's.
August 2007
  • Added support for timeout and delay in SNMP queries.
  • Fixed issues relating to buffer overflow leading to a crash situation during startup/restart.
February 2007
  • Fixed issues regarding Run-time errors.
  • Disabled possibility to edit QoS definitions after they are created.
  • Fixed issue regarding "large" Counter32 values not being sent correctly to QoS db.
December 2006
  • Fixed issue regarding dashboards (and Probe Utility) not working correctly when communicating with probe.
March 2006
  • Added possibility for changing of SNMP Port number.
  • Added possibility to set a user defined message string when a CLEAR message is sent.
  • Added between and not between threshold operators.
  • Fixed issue related to incorrect status of device without oids.
  • Added possibility for changing of Subsystem ID.
  • Fixed issue related to QoS not being sent.
  • Fixed various UI.
December 2005
  • Fixed issue with many concurrently executing profiles and source name-resolution.
  • Fixed issue with OID template override. Fixed various minor UI problems.
  • Added variable monitor to UI to ease configuration and device troubleshooting.
November 2005
Probe Specific Hardware Requirements
The snmpget
probe must be installed on systems with the following minimum resources:
  • Memory: 2-4 GB of RAM. The OOB configuration of the probe requires 256 MB of RAM
  • CPU: 3-GHz dual-core processor (32-bit or 64-bit)
Probe Specific Software Requirements
The snmpget probe requires the following software environment:
  • Nimsoft Monitor Server 7.6 or CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.0 or later
  • Robot 7.6 or later (recommended)
Probes that support SNMP on Linux (interface_traffic, snmptd, and snmpget) use an SNMP library. This library can cause newer Linux systems to issue the following message in the Linux console log:
Process ‘SNMPget’ is using obsolete setsockopt SO_BSDCOMPAT
The SNMP library supports older versions of glibc which require the SO_BSDCOMPAT flag for sockets to work correctly. The network section of the glibc library sends this message. The message shows that an unsupported flag is being sent to the setsockopt function. The library ignores the SO_BSDCOMPAT flag, so you can also ignore it.