Deploy spectrumgtw in UIM HA Environment

This release provides support for spectrumgtw in a UIM High Availability (HA) environment using the HA probe.
Deploy spectrumgtw in a UIM HA Environment
This release provides support for spectrumgtw in a UIM High Availability (HA) environment using the HA probe.
  1. Ensure that you have the following probe versions:
    • spectrumgtw - v8.67
    • EMS probe - v10.2.0 HF2
    • HA probe - v1.46
    • Spectrum UIM Services - v8.67
    • nas - v9.06
  2. Ensure that the UIM HA hub is configured according to the UIM recommendations.
  3. Before deploying spectrumgtw, perform a round of failover of the UIM Hub and failback to see whether the UIM alarms and the UIM inventory is intact.
Following is the procedure to deploy spectrumgtw in a UIM HA Environment:
  1. Deploy the spectrumgtw on the primary and the HA hub.
  2. Add spectrumgtw to the probes to enable the section and ems_uim_db_sync in the queues to enable section of HA probe. Restart the HA probe.
  3. On the primary hub, activate spectrumgtw and deactivate spectrumgtw on the HA hub.
  4. Launch the configuration page and configure spectrumgtw. Ensure that you provide HA Probe Robot Address [/Domain_name/hub_name/robot_name] in the Probe Setup section. See the spectrumgtw documentation for further configurations.
  5. Select
    , which allows
    spectrumgtw to collect the HA hub status before integrating with Spectrum.
  6. Copy the spectrumgtw.cfg file from the primary hub to the HA hub.
  7. Open the spectrumgtw.cfg file in the HA hub, and change the “isPrimary = false” attribute.
    spectrumgtw is now available in the UIM HA environment. If the primary hub is not reachable to the HA probe, then the probes that are configured under
    Probes To Enable
      section of the HA probe gets activated. When the primary hub is online again, then spectrumgtw [and other probes] on the HA hub gets deactivated and gets activated on the primary hub.
Key points to note:
  • When spectrumgtw is active on the HA hub and nis-bridge is disabled on the secondary NAS, then the NAS alarms that are created or updated are not reflected in Spectrum. These alarms sync only after a failback to the primary hub. Alarms that are routed to EMS continue to synchronize between UIM and Spectrum. Refer to the UIM HA probe documentation for more details about the NAS functionality. nis-bridge can be active only on NAS that runs on the primary hub.
  • If any UIM alarm is cleared in Spectrum or a Spectrum alarm is cleared in UIM during a failover or a failback, while the spectrumgtw is activated
    those alarms get recreated. If UIM alarms are cleared in UIM or Spectrum alarms are cleared in Spectrum, then these alarms are not recreated.