spectrumgtw Troubleshooting

To troubleshoot spectrumgtw probe issues, log level should be set to TRACE.
After spectrumgtw probe Upgrade, Connection to CA Spectrum OneClick Fails in SSL Environment 
In SSL environment, after upgrading to spectrumgtw 8.66 connection to Spectrum OneClick fails. 
In SSL environment, after upgrading to spectrumgtw probe 8.66 ensure that SSL certificate of CA Spectrum OneClick is imported to keystore of spectrumgtw probe. For instruction to import the SSL certificate, see Import CA Spectrum SSL (https) Certificate into Spectrum Gateway Probe.
Unable to start inventory or alarm synchronization
The following log is logged in the probe log:
– CA UIM or CA Spectrum is down and stopping the schedulers. If UIM is down, UIM down value is: True; Spectrum down value is: False; if Spectrum is down Spectrum down value is True.
Possible Resolution(s):
  • Verify if CA Spectrum OneClick Server is running.
  • Verify if spectrum configurations are appropriate (Host name, Port, User name, Password, and Global Collection name).
    You can validate this issue through
    Validate Connections
    option in spectrumgtw
    Admin Console
    Actions menu
  • If UIM down is true (both ems or nas are down), verify if ems probe is down.
Maintenance alarms in CA Spectrum are not visible in CA UIM
By default, Maintenance alarms in CA Spectrum are not to CA UIM. To synchronize maintenance alarms, the ‘
flag in alarm section of spectrumgtw probe configuration must be set  to ‘
Symptomatic alarms from CA Spectrum are not visible in UMP Alarm Console
Symptomatic alarms are not visible directly in UMP Alarm Console. For the given Root cause alarm, corresponding symptomatic alarms list is visible through root-cause alarm details (by selecting MORE button). Symptomatic alarms are visible through the alarm view of a device.
Invalid credentials error while synchronizing to CA Spectrum
Verify if the password is saved in plain text in probe configuration file. This issue happens if the user has updated password through CA UIM Unified Infrastructure Manger. We recommend you to update spectrumgtw probe configurations only through CA UIM probes Admin Console. 
Alarms from CA UIM are not visible in CA Spectrum
Verify the visibility of the alarms in CA UIM by enabling ‘
column. If alarms are still not visible, you must set the visibility through
menu of the alarm facing the problem. The alarms that were not visible, are synchronized to CA Spectrum in next incremental alarm synchronization.
CA UIM alarms are not created in CA Spectrum with probe log entries
Verify if CA Spectrum-UIM Bidirectional Management is checked in CA Spectrum OneClick Administration page > UIM Configuration.
Updates to UIM alarms are failing
The following log entries are observed:
Feb 22 2016 15:52:25,836 [twScheduler_Worker-8] FATAL AlarmBatchJob - AlarmBatch job failed
Feb 22 2016 15:52:25,836 [twScheduler_Worker-8] FATAL ft.pf.common.log.Log - stderr: 369263 [SpectrumGtwScheduler_Worker-8] INFO org.quartz.core.JobRunShell - Job SpectrumJobs.AlarmPushUimJob threw a JobExecutionException: Feb 22 2016 15:52:25,836 [twScheduler_Worker-8] FATAL ft.pf.common.log.Log - stderr: org.quartz.JobExecutionException: (6) permission denied, Received status (6) on response (for sendRcv) for cmd = 'close_alarms' [See nested exception: (6) permission denied, Received status (6) on response (for sendRcv) for cmd = 'close_alarms'] Feb 22 2016 15:52:25,836 [twScheduler_Worker-8] FATAL ft.pf.common.log.Log - stderr: at com.nimsoft.probe.gateway.alarmservice.AlarmBatchJob.execute(AlarmBatchJob.java:74)
  1. Navigate to Security > Probe Administration in CA UIM.
  2. Check the security settings of the nas and trellis probes.
  3. Ensure
    have admin access for IP Mask.
Follow these steps, to enable Admin Access for IP Mask:
  1. From CA UIM Admin console, navigate to
    > Probe security.
    Add a new entry with:
    Probe name: trellis
    Access: admin
    IP Mask: *
  2. Restart the spectrumgtw probe.
Probe log showing exception errors
Jan 30 2016 16:40:19,655 [pool-6-thread-1] TRACE pectrumAlarmProducer -  Error while getting the model handle from udm for : D19007897B37A2EAA31556FE4D283B332 Jan 30 2016 16:40:19,655 [pool-6-thread-1] ERROR pectrumAlarmProducer - java.lang.RuntimeException: (1) error, Received status (1) on response (for sendRcv) for cmd = 'dispatcher' at com.ca.shift.client.RequestPoolRemoteEndpoint.invoke(RequestPoolRemoteEndpoint.java:39) at com.ca.shift.client.RemoteInvocation.createInvocation(RemoteInvocation.java:87) at com.ca.shift.client.RemoteInvocation.invoke(RemoteInvocation.java:56) at serviceProxy$com.ca.spectrum.service.SpectrumUimElementService.getMhFromDevicePerspective (Unknown Source) at com.nimsoft.probe.gateway.alarmservice.AlarmServiceImpl.create(AlarmServiceImpl.java:94)
Ensure that the Spectrum UIM Service (spectrum-uim-service) probe is deployed and active.
Refer to Add Services to the trellis probe.
Updated device attribute value(s) are not reflecting in CA UMP
On a Spectrum Distributed SpectroSERVER (DSS) environment, when devices from the Global Collection are synced in CA UIM and later a device attribute is changed, even after triggering inventory incremental synchronization, the updated device attribute values are not reflecting in CA UMP.
The updated attribute values will reflect in CA UMP only after the next full inventory synchronization completes.