v8.0 webgtw AC Deployment and Configuration

Deploying webgtw
Follow these steps.
  1. Determine which robot will host the web gateway probe. If you plan to opt-in to automatic billing report transfer, this system must either:
    • Have direct access to the internet via https port 443, or
    • Be able to use a designated proxy server.
  2. Using Admin Console, deploy 
    webgtw 8.0
     to that robot.
  3. The webgtw probe starts, then creates an 
    , a globally unique ID (GUID) for your UIM Server installation. This ID is used to identify your reports to CA.
    If webgtw does not automatically start, activate it manually.
Deployment is complete.
Configuring webgtw
Follow these steps.
  1. Open the webgtw probe configuration GUI.
  2. On the 
    Contact Information
    1. Enter your
       Customer ID
       (provided in your initial email from CA), Company name and Contact email address are optional. If you enter the information here, it is automatically included in your reports.
    2. Accept the 
      Terms of Use
      View Terms of Use Agreement
       to display the terms).
      Accepting the terms is the "opt-in" action that enables automatic report transfer. If Terms of Use is not checked, no HTTP I/O is allowed, and you will need to manually email your reports to CA.
      The read-only
      Instance ID
       is your system-generated GUID. This value is provided to the billing probe, which inserts the Instance ID into the billing report.
  3. If necessary, specify
     Proxy Configuration
    1. Specify the
       proxy server
      , and 
      user credentials
    2. Select 
       Ping Test
    3. Select 
       Test your proxy configuration
  4. Click 
Configuration is complete.