zdataservice (Data Service Probe)

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Introduction to the Data Service Probe
CA Unified Infrastructure Management for z Systems 
a set of probes that provide comprehensive end-to-end infrastructure visibility of business services that span mobile-to-mainframe environments. With this expanded visibility, you can now manage z Systems as part of the overall IT infrastructure from a single pane of glass, eliminating the need for specialized tools and expertise.  IT operators can use the rich functionality of CA UIM to easily monitor mainframe system performance, enabling organizations to react more quickly when thresholds are exceeded to increase customer satisfaction, reduce MTTR and lower overall costs. 
    CA UIM Operations for z Systems 
    probe feeds metrics data from the z/OS operating system into CA UIM such as Sysplex images, LPARs, z/OS instances, Started tasks, System tasks, and channel I/O. 
    CA UIM's Storage for z Systems 
    probe feeds metrics data for the mainframe storage environment into CA UIM such as DASD, HFS and NFS mount points and Fibre Channel ports.
    CA UIM 
    for z/VM systems 
    probe feeds metrics data from the mainframe z/VM hypervisor into CA UIM such as System CPU, Guest CPU, page volume, spool volume, wait states. It also provides metrics data related to guests running on z/VM such as total CPU, Resident Memory, Working Set, Page Read and Page Writes.
    CA UIM Network for z Systems
     probe feeds metrics data about traffic on your z/OS network, which can help you identify and correct problems with excessive traffic on your network.
    Data Service Probe
     lets you retrieve data from various data sources to CA UIM so that you can monitor z/OS and z/VM systems. The z/OS Common Information Model (CIM) server is the data source for the CA Unified Infrastructure Management Storage for z Systems Probe (zstorage) and the CA Unified Infrastructure Management Operations for z Systems Probe (zops).
How to Use the Information that is Contained in this Section
This section is intended to provide you with the information to understand, install, configure, and troubleshoot the probe in the most practical and efficient manner. This document is divided into the following major categories to help you easily identify and locate the specific information you are seeking.
An overview of the probe; how to restart the probe.
How to prepare your site to use the z/VM Data Collector and the CIM Data Collector.
How to import and deploy, upgrade, and uninstall the probe.
 For information about the minimum system requirements, installation considerations, and issues that are known to affect the probe, see zdataservice (Data Service Probe) Release Notes.
How to configure the probe to communicate with other components, such as the Data Collector for z/VM and the CIM Data Collector.
Troubleshooting your implementation.
A description of the messages (error and informational) that you can encounter when using the probe.
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zdataservice (Data Service Probe)