Probe SDK Guide

The Probe Software Development Kit (SDK) allows developers to build an inventory and metric producing UIM compatible probe. The kit contains the project templates, Java libraries, and the build and packaging tools you use to get started.
Revision History
June 2016
  • Updated underlying SDK libraries.
May 2016
  • Updated underlying SDK libraries.
October 2015
  • Improved XML configuration
    • The probe_schema configuration file is now a proper XML file with a schema.
  • Simplified bulk configuration support
    • It is no longer necessary to implement the complex TemplateDefinitionCreator java code that describes your inventory structure and desired template filters. This is now all done with XML declaration in probe_schema.xml
  • API improvements
    • Previously, the API was exposing many internal details that the probe developer need not be concerned with, making it harder for the developer to find the items they should be concerned with. This has been greatly improved and the public API Javadocs now contain only the classes and methods essential to the API.
    • New API methods:
      • ProbeBase.setLocalMode(boolean isLocal)
        - This allows probe developers to indicate the probe should be considered local. In the past developers had to use an undocumented and unsupported method to accomplish this.
      • ProbeBase.useShortTargetName(boolean isShort)
        - This allows the probe developer to indicate that short names, rather than relative path names, should be used for metric 'source' names.  In the past developers had to use an undocumented and unsupported method to accomplish this.
  • Archetype Improvements
    • In prior releases the provided Maven Archetypes were more representative of examples than templates. This meant that probe developers had to delete a good deal of code and configuration when creating a new development project based on one of our Archetypes. This has been improved by the addition of the new com.nimsoft:standard-probe-archetype template.
  • Documentation Improvements
    • Addition of a 'Probe SDK Cookbook' that provides a collection of how to's and tips for developing probes with the Probe SDK
    • Addition of an 'examples' folder in the SDK distribution containing several probe examples. Some of these examples were previously delivered as Archetypes.
    • Javadoc for fundamental probe framework classes and packages has been improved.
  • Improved adherence to established naming conventions
    • Probe name is no longer coupled to Java class name. This means we can now follow the convention of naming a probe in all lowercase with underscores without violating Java class naming conventions.
    • Maven archetype name follows the Maven convention of using hyphens and ending with '-archetype'.
June 2015
  • Simplified the probe development process and probe examples.
  • Reduced the size of the Probe-SDK.
March 2015
Removed dependency issues with the CA genzip plugin.
January 2015
This version contains updates for building probes on an 8.1 or newer CA UIM platform.
October 2014
Corrected handling of package dependencies.
October 2014
Added the capability to build probes with Maven off-line.
October 2014
Corrected versioning of product dependency jar files.
September 2014
Initial release.