Development Overview

Development Overview
This article provides some probe design considerations and an overview of the tasks you perform when developing a probe.
Plan Your Probe Design
Before writing any code, you should consider the following design topics:
  • Does this probe fit the use case intended for a Probe-SDK probe? Remember that the Probe SDK package is targeted for probes that are monitoring IP devices and produce inventory and metrics.
  • What will the probe be named? Remember to follow the naming convention of lower case and underscores.
  • Will the probe be a 'remote' probe or a 'local' probe? Template are provided for both local and remote probes.
  • What inventory elements will the probe produce?
  • What metrics will be associated with each inventory element?
  • What will be the CI Type and Metric ID for each metric? Will you need any new ones?
  • What configuration information will be required when creating a profile?
  • Do you want to support bulk configuration?
How to Use the Maven Probe Templates
After you have thought through your desired design, and selected the appropriate template, you can use the Probe SDK Cookbook to help guide you through the following aspects of probe implementation:
  • Initial project setup using a project template.
  • Configuring probe_schema.xml with your inventory, metric, and bulk configuration information.
  • Implementing the addDefaultConfigurationToGraph() method to define the probes profile actions, profile properties, and setup properties.
  • Implementing getUpdatedInventory() to produce your inventory and metrics.
  • Error handling
  • Debugging