webservices_rest Call Reference

URL Structure
All URLs mentioned are relative to the REST web services base URL, which is:
For most instances, <your_UMP_port> is the default port “80”.  Unless you have taken steps to install WASP on a different port, the default port will suffice. You do not need to specify the default port number in your call sequence.
Authentication Header
The CA UIM REST web services use HTTP basic access authentication.
We recommend using SSL/TLS for your REST connection. See the article
Configure HTTPS in UMP
on the CA UIM Documentation Space for more information.
In the sample HTTP-Requests and HTTP–Responses, certain header information (such as authentication headers) is omitted. This means that the listed requests will not work if sent directly to the interface. The purpose of those samples is to illustrate the data structure that used when invoking the calls.
WADL Description
The RESTful web services interface offers an automatically generated web application description file that specifies all exposed service calls and structures.
This file is available on your UMP at:
General Information on Paging
Many calls to retrieve list information support paging. On those that do, it is indicated in the URL of the call within the optional parameter setting:
The parameter
defines how many rows the result should contain in maximum (maxrows=5 returns 5 entries maximum).  If the list contains a lesser number of rows, all rows are returned.
The second parameter offset can only be used if maxrows is also set.
defines from where to fetch the number of entries defined in maxrows. For example, if the list contains 20 entries in total, then
returns entries numbered 10 through 15 in the list.
More information: