Service Analytics

Domain management solutions monitor various aspects of a business service, including support for IT infrastructure components or the end-user experience. None of these individual solutions give you a complete, end-to-end view of service health and availability across all management domains. Operations personnel often guess how the fault or performance issues reported across the network, systems, database, or application monitoring tools actually affect key IT services, degrade service quality, or increase the risk of an outage. Similarly, service stakeholders may not understand whether IT enables them to fulfill their business objectives.
Service Analytics
helps overcome these challenges by unifying the health and availability information from your domain management tools and aligning with your IT services.
Service Analytics
is a capability that provides an overview of a service. You can use
DX Operational Intelligence
features by using the following Service Analytics components:
  • Correlation Engine
    DX Operational Intelligence
    inventory deduplication
  • Service Discovery
    for creating a service.
  • Service Management
    for monitoring service health and
    Data Science Platform (DSP)
    for service health prediction.
  • Service Alarms
    for managing incoming alarms that are derived from services
As an Operations Manager, you can import services and can view the following information of a service that is based on the CIs and docker instance.
  • Status of service (availability and risk)
  • Infrastructure and applications that are mapped to a service
  • Impacted services
The following steps help the Operations Manager to create a service, determine the state of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for an existing service, and identify any variations in KPI behavior of a service.
Access Service Analytics
Follow these steps:
  1. Log in to
    DX Operational Intelligence
  2. Click the Services icon in the left navigation bar.
    The Services page appears.
You can view detailed information about all the services.
You can also access
Service Analytics
from Alarm Analytics.