August 2019

August 31, 2019 - What's New!
Support for AdoptOpenJDK
CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, is moving towards adopting more open source technologies in its products. As a part of this strategy, various products have started using open source implementations of Java. To align with this corporate direction,
has adopted AdoptOpenJDK (11), replacing Oracle JDK.
Infrastructure Agent Known Issue
Defect DE437143 - No Host Monitor Metrics
Valid for:
10.7 Service Pack 1 (SP1-3),
, 11.1.3, Kubernetes and Host Monitor
No metrics display under the
node in the
Metric View
. This issue happens under these conditions:
  • The Host Monitor is re-installed using the Universal Monitoring Agent
  • The CA SystemEdge process is not killed even when Kubernetes destroys the corresponding pod.
Follow these steps:
  1. Log on to the
    node where no Host Monitor metrics are present.
  2. Use this command to kill the SystemEDGE process if it is running:
    ps -ef | grep "SystemEDGE" |grep -v grep
  3. Redeploy the Universal Monitoring Agent.
August 3, 2019 - What's New!
Business Payload Analyzer
Business Payload Analyzer is an end-user experience monitoring system that enables you to mine services for information without having to rebuild your applications. Business Payload Analyzer provides a rich data collection and reporting mechanism to track workflows across services in the Data Center.Business Payload Analyzer studies the application that it monitors and captures the business transactions and metrics to compute the performance metrics. These metrics provide information about the user experience. The data collection is automatic and no customization to the applications is required. However, the Application Administrator can configure the system through the UI for any customized monitoring. The following key capabilities are available in this release of Business Payload Analyzer:
  • Support for capturing payloads from IIS (.NET) and Apache Tomcat web servers.
  • Out-of-the-box support for capturing URL, HTTP Headers, and HTML Forms.
  • Scheduled periodic discovery mode to update data science model of field and value occurrence frequency.
  • Machine Learning-based automatic detection and highlighting of the most important data values, which are defined as Identifying Parameters.
  • Dynamic Business Transaction (BT) naming and user segmentation identification (that is, demographic tags such as shopping cart value, account balance, and userID).
  • Ability to adjust the Data Science categorization of captured payload fields within an easy to use graphical interface.
  • Administrator support for renaming and partial capture of complex fields such as cookies.
  • DX APM
    Topology integration.
    • Business Payload Analyzer detected business transactions appear as end-user elements in the application map.
    • Business Payload Analyzer detected business transactions appear within traces in the Business Transaction Viewer in Team Center.
    • Business Payload Analyzer user demographic information is reported as trace parameters in the Business Transaction Viewer in Team Center.
    • Business Payload Analyzer detected business transactions report health and performance metrics into the Team Center metric viewer.