Configure Your Monitoring Environment

Your monitoring environment lets you identify, measure, and evaluate the performance of an application. You can perform tasks to configure your monitoring environment to meet your needs.
Create Settings Favorites
You can mark the tiles in the
page as a favorite. Click the
icon on the tile to add the setting as a favorite in the left navigation pane. To remove the setting as a favorite, click the
icon for the setting in the left navigation pane.
Available Configurations
The following configurations are available from the
If you want to...
Read this...
Configure General Settings
Configure Management Module Settings
Configure Integrations
WebView is not available by default. However, you can enable it for specific tenants during tenant creation or you can enable it later for any tenant already created. For more information on enabling WebView, see Tenant Services. Accessing WebView and APM Command Center opens a new tab.
Configure Other Settings
Enable agents download from Team Center from the Advanced Configuration.
Additional Environment Configurations
Apart from the configurations available from the
page, you can perform the following tasks to configure your environment.