Generate Security Token

The security tokens are used to authenticate requests and authorize grant for the agents. Using the
setting, you can generate the offline tokens that never expire. Such tokens are used to access the public APIs. You can also generate tokens to authorize agents or tenants.
Generating the security tokens is an administrator only task. You must be a Master Administrator to generate the security token. If you are a tenant, contact the Broadcom SaaS operations team to obtain a security token.
Generate a Token
Follow these steps:
  1. Log into Team Center and click
  2. Click
    Generate New Token
    New API Security Token
    dialog appears.
  3. Define the following details:
    • Label
      (name): name of the security token.
    • Select the type of security token:
      • Agen
        token to authorize an agent
      • Public API:
        token to access a public API. You can set an expiry date for the public API tokens or you can set the token to never expire.
      • Tenant Token
        : token to grant access to a tenant
  4. Click
    Generate Token
    The system generates a new token.
    For security reasons, you only see a token once. Store the token in a safe place before closing this dialog window. Do not disclose the token to unauthorized parties.
    The token now appears among the other tokens in the
Manage Tokens
For each token, you can perform the following actions:
  • Rename
    : if you want to change the name of the token
  • Revoke
    : if you want to revoke the authorization to the APIs or agents
  • Cancel Revocation
    : to restore authorization to the APIs or the agents
  • Set Expiration
    : for public APIs, if you have set the token as never expire, then using the
    Set Expiration
    option, you can choose a date and time when the token expires, that is, when the token cannot be used for authorizing the public APIs.