IIB Monitoring

IBM Integration Bus v10 (IIB), earlier known as WebSphere Message Broker is an integration broker of IBM, which belongs to the WebSphere product family. IIB supports the seamless flow of business information between disparate applications across multiple hardware and software platforms.
Appropriate security rules are applied to the business information that flows through the message broker to route, transform, and deliver the business information from a particular source to the targeted destination. IIB acts as an Enterprise Service Bus, which provides a standard and secure communication channel between applications and services in a service-oriented architecture.
The IIB monitoring extension lets you collect the key performance metrics of your IIB metrics and view the performance metrics in the Metric View of
. The performance metrics help you gain deep insights into the health and performance of the messaging infrastructure of IIB. You can use the performance metrics to monitor the health, availability, and message flows of the applications that are connected to IIB.
The IIB monitoring extension provides you with the benefit to track multiple key performance metrics, which provides deep visibility into your message flows. Also, you can use the extension to easily parse for errors, set and monitor performance-triggered alerts based on the metric values.
You can use the IIB monitoring extension to monitor your IIB environment by using any one of the following components: MQ or MQTT.
By default, the IIB monitoring extension is enabled to use the MQTT component to monitor your IIB environment.
The IIB Monitoring documentation covers the following aspects of the extension: