Python Agent

The Python Agent of
enables enterprises running Python applications to identify performance issues in their applications and integrate the performance metrics into
for Intelligent analytics, alerting, and visibility on a single glass pane.
The Python Agent supports both Sync and Async instrumentation modules of the Python frameworks.
Feature Benefits
The Python Agent provides the following benefits:
  • Problem Detection:
    You can monitor the performance of the Python applications and identify any issues. You can also configure alerts and send notifications based on the outcome of the metrics.
  • Problem Triage and Diagnosis:
    Using the assisted triage feature you can pin point the anomalies.
  • Problem Root Cause Analysis:
    Automatically collects deep dive diagnostic snapshots of transactions when performance problems occur. This analysis helps you to determine the root cause of the performance issues quickly.
Python Agent Components
The Python Agent consists of:
  • Python Agent (Probe)
    a lightweight probe that monitors the Python applications and sends the collected data to the Infrastructure Agent for processing. For the data collection, you must configure the probe with the Python application that needs to be monitored. You can run the agent on the same host or an a remote host.
  • Python Extension (Infrastructure Agent)
    that acts as an adapter for data collection and processing outside of the monitored application to reduce the overhead. The Infrastructure Agent receives the Probe Agent data and sends the data to the Enterprise Manage for processing. The Enterprise Manager then processes and stores the data for real-time and historical reporting.  You can view the processed and analyzed data in
    DX APM
    . You can also work with the collected data using the user interface to create alerts or take responsive action.
This architecture helps
to have little effect on your Python application performance because the lightweight probes are dedicated solely for raw data collection.