Getting Started

An overview of features and basic use of the product.
DX NetOps
gives you an enterprise-wide view into the composition of traffic on every link and helps you detect threatening traffic patterns in the making. 
It provides network traffic analysis with real-time visibility into the traffic throughout your enterprise. Network groups can quickly identify the source of performance problems, validate the impact of planned and unplanned changes within the network, and avoid unnecessary WAN costs. In addition, management can make accurate decisions regarding cost reduction, capacity planning, troubleshooting, and network traffic analysis across the enterprise. You can access as much as one year of flow data for your entire network.
DX NetOps
may be integrated as a data source for CA Performance Center (CA PC) or CA NetQoS Performance Center (CA NPC). The Performance Center Console displays report data from
DX NetOps
and any other programs that are integrated as data sources.