NFA QueryBuilder

NFA QueryBuilder
This feature is available from NFA 10.0.3.
The ODataAPI is a flexible tool that lets users extract data from the
DX NetOps
database. The ODataAPI enables integration between
DX NetOps
data and external applications.
The ODataAPI is a public API that uses the QueryBuilder GUI. The QueryBuilder is a guided URL builder that lets you create custom Query URLs to extract and explore flow data. The URLs return customized data in the specified format. You can view the data in a browser or process the data in a custom web application. The ODataAPI uses the OData 4.0 industry standards.
Access the QueryBuilder
All the users who have credentials can use QueryBuilder and ODataAPI. To log in to the ODataAPI QueryBuilder, use your credentials.
To access the QueryBuilder, go to the following URL:
http://<nfa odata host>:<nfa odata port>/ODataQueryBuilder
The schema XML description provides detailed information about the items and relationships in your system. To review the schema XML description and metadata, go to the following URL:
http://<nfa odata host>:<nfa odata port>/odata/api/$metadata
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