Includes steps to acquire, install, deploy and configure your product.
This section helps you install
DX NetOps
, device pack in
DX NetOps
, and device pack in
DX NetOps
for Performance Management.
DX NetOps Mediation Manager is a distributed application that includes multiple components across several servers. A successful deployment includes installing the these components in the following order:
  • CAPM (CAPC, DR, DA & DC)
  • DX NetOps MM Multi Controller
  • DX NetOps MM Local Controller
  • DX NetOps MM Local Controller for Presenter on DC system
  • DX NetOps MM Secondary Multi Controller*
  • DX NetOps MM Local Controller for LC failover*
    * (asterisk)
    indicates the failover of MC & any LC.
Your deployment strategy depends on the number of devices, the location of these devices, and which metrics you want to monitor. The following diagram shows the installation options:
DX NetOps MM Standard and Low-Scale Installation
CAMM Standard and Low-Scale Installation