Manage Devices

You can view details for monitored devices and can view their associations with device collections, components, monitoring profiles, and metrics.
You can view the details for monitored devices (routers, switches, servers, and pingable devices) and can view their associations with device collections, components, monitoring profiles, and metrics. You can also view filter reports. This information helps you see information in context, such as which monitoring profiles
DX NetOps Performance Management
is using to poll device components.
Some features require administrator privileges.
Monitored devices are manageable or pingable (accessible).
DX NetOps Performance Management
does not monitor inaccessible devices.
In this article:
Manage the Device Details
You can manage the following device details from the
tab of the
Monitored Devices
  • View and edit device details.
  • Rediscover a device.
  • Pause or resume polling of a device.
  • Reconfigure components for configuration updates.
    For more information, see Device Reconfiguration.
Follow these steps:
  1. Hover over
    Monitored Items Management
    , and then click
    Monitored Devices
    Monitored Devices
    page appears.
  2. Do one of the following tasks:
    • On the
      Tree View
      tab, select
      Device by Collection
      Device by Monitoring Profile
      from the drop-down. Select a specific device from the corresponding tree view.
    • On the
      tab, search by host name, device name, or IP address. You can enter a partial name or IP address to return a list of devices that contain that partial match, but you cannot use wildcards and regular expressions.
  3. Do any of the following:
    • To view and edit the device details, complete the following steps:
      1. Select the
        The details for the selected monitored device displays.
      2. Edit any of the following fields:
    • To rediscover the device, complete the following steps:
      1. Click
        You can rediscover any devices except
        DX NetOps Mediation Manager
        (CAMM) devices.
      2. Update the following set of attributes as a result of this discovery:
        • System name
        • Hostname
        • Device type (as it appears in
          NetOps Portal
        • Location
        • Vendor
        • Device description
        • Device model
      3. To verify that the device was rediscovered, look for the event that the rediscovery triggered.
    • To pause or resume polling of the device, complete the following:
      • To pause polling, click
        Stop Polling
        . Automatic change detection is disabled. You can manually update metric families or run the rediscovery.
        You cannot stop the polling of CAMM devices.
      • To resume polling, click
        Start Polling
View the Components of a Monitored Device
Follow these steps:
  1. On the
    Monitored Devices
    page, click the
    Polled Metric Families
  2. View the total set of metric families that are polled on a device and their poll rates. This total set is based on the consolidation of all the monitoring profiles on the device.
  3. View the
    Polled Metric Families
    table. This table includes the following columns:
    • Metric Family
      View the metric families polled on the device.
    • Vendor Cert
      View the vendor certifications that are used for each metric family. When vendor certification priority grouping is occurring on a device, more than one row appears in this column. One row appears for each vendor certification that is used for a metric family.
    • Status
      View whether the device supports the metric family.
    • Last Discovered
  4. View the
    table. This table shows the polling status on the components for a metric family component that was previously discovered. One of the following values displays in the
    • Active
      The component is being polled.
      CAMM devices show Not Polled in the
      SNMP Poll Rate
      DX NetOps Performance Management
      does not poll CAMM devices.
    • Inactive
      Polling has stopped on the component because the metric family is no longer monitored for the device.
    • Not Present
      The component no longer exists on the physical device. Polling is stopped on the component. You can view historical data for reporting purposes. By default, these components are not synchronized with
      NetOps Portal
      . To enable this option, select
      Synchronize items that are no longer present
      in the
      Edit Data Source
      dialog on the
      Manage Data Sources
      page in
      NetOps Portal
  5. To reconfigure components for any configuration updates, see Device Reconfiguration.
View More Device Details
To view more device details, go to one or more of the following tabs:
  • Monitoring Profiles
    Select a device collection to view the associated profiles names. Hover over a profile to see the description.
  • Threshold Profiles
    View the threshold profiles that are applied to the selected device due to the groups to which the device belongs.
  • Metrics
    View a list of metrics that this device supports. Select a metric family to view the following details:
    • The backing vendor certification.
    • The vendor source (the MIB table source is displayed if it is an SNMP vendor certification).
    • Whether the metric is collected.
    • The expression that is used to calculate each metric.
  • Filter Report
    View which interface filter criteria were used during the component monitoring. This tab also shows a report of all of the interfaces that are identified on the device. The tab shows whether the interfaces matched the specified filter criteria. If you change the rules on a custom monitoring profile or if you disassociate the monitoring profile from a group, those changes are not reflected in the
    Interface Filter Criteria
    pane. Rediscover the device to filter the interfaces using the changes made to the filter criteria and monitoring profile.
  • Events
    View the events that have occurred on the selected device.