Create or Edit Vendor Certification Expressions

You can modify the mapping of normalized metric family variables.
To modify the mapping of normalized metric family variables, edit the vendor certification expressions.
Consider the following information when you edit expressions:
  • Use delimiters to separate vendor certification variables.
  • MVFLEX Expression Language (MVEL) functions and custom functions are valid.
  • The Names and Indexes metric names require an expression. The remaining metric names are optional.
For vendor certifications that are created using the Vendor Certification wizard,
DX NetOps Performance Management
automatically provides the Indexes metric expression for your selected MIB table.
Example: Change the Value for Averages
Cisco router CPU statistics are mapped to the normalized variable 'CPU Utilization', as shown in the following expression:
You can change the 5-minute average to a 1-minute average by editing the expression as follows:
Example: Use an Advanced Expression
The following expression verifies whether hrStorageSize < 0, and returns the value of hrStorageSize converted to an Unsigned value, and multiplied by 100. Otherwise, the expression returns the following value: hrStorageUsed/hrStorageSize * 100.
(hrStorageSize &lt; 0) ? (hrStorageUsed/convertSignedIntToUnsignedDecimal(hrStorageSize)) * 100 : hrStorageUsed/hrStorageSize * 100