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Learn about the basic features and use cases of the product.
DX NetOps Performance Management
monitors, stores, analyzes, and displays a massive amount of information for assuring service quality across large, complex, multi-technology, multi-vendor network infrastructure. The solution helps the largest networks successfully monetize service offerings while lowering the cost and complexity of service.
Communications service providers can use
DX NetOps Performance Management
to improve network monitoring and delivery of revenue-generating services, such as 4G LTE, Voice over LTE, Mobile Backhaul, Metro Ethernet and more. Enterprises can use
DX NetOps Performance Management
to assure underlying network services for applications that drive their internal business processes and revenue-generating customer interactions.
Key Features
Very high-scale monitoring architecture on a platform that scales efficiently.
The system architecture provides scale that supports the largest networks. To understand the system requirements to support your scale, see the
DX NetOps Performance Management
Sizing Tool
Unified multi-technology, multi-vendor device monitoring. Certifications for classic network devices and specialized carrier Ethernet, WiFi offloading, and mobile wireless equipment.
DX NetOps Performance Management
supports the common vendors, metrics, and components in your network infrastructure. The Technology Certification Portal lists out-of-the-box certifications by Data Aggregator version, vendor certification, and metric families:
The extensible certification model enables users to customize communication with monitored devices. For more information, see Self-Certification.
Intelligent analytics, high-scale visualization, and fast processing for instant reporting. Flexible, easily customizable dashboards and reports.
The customizable dashboards and views provide flexible visualization. For example, a regional manager uses a dashboard that pins views to each site group in that region and systems administrator uses a dashboard to monitor all servers. Dashboards show information that is scoped to customizable groups. Context pages show information that is related to a specific item in the system. Views provide visualization options.
Extensible architecture for easy integration and automation.
DX NetOps Performance Management
supports downstream integration through the customer facing OpenAPI. For more information, see Integrating.
Predictive analytics to give a complete, unencumbered view of the network, and business key performance indicators.
Configurable and dynamic projections provide insight into capacity planning and situations to watch. For more information, see Metric Projection.
Support for modern network monitoring.
DX NetOps Virtual Network Assurance
integrates with
DX NetOps Performance Management
and provides dashboards and views designed for modern network monitoring. For information, see Modern Network Monitoring.
Key Solutions
DX NetOps Performance Management
includes the following integrated solutions:
The following solutions contribute key features to
DX NetOps Performance Management