SystemEDGE System Response Path Test Metrics

capm discovers ESX hosts and virtual machines in the following ways:
DX NetOps Performance Management
discovers ESX hosts and virtual machines in the following ways:
  • Through ICMP
  • Through SNMP, if the servers have an SNMP agent deployed
  • Through discovery of a server running SystemEDGE with the VCAIM
Response path tests help you see the overall status for devices that support service level agreements (SLA) using various protocols. This information lets you gain a broad sense of overall SLA performance for the enterprise or a specific device.
For example, as a network infrastructure manager, you can identify which protocols are experiencing the highest latency and slowest response times from the dashboard. You can then look at the device-level views to determine which devices are experiencing the problems. This information can help determine if increased activity, a device that is down, or something else caused an issue.
Response path test metrics are available specifically for SystemEDGE.
The SystemEDGE Response Path vendor certification includes the Service Availability Response Path metric family, which provides the following metrics:
  • Attempts
  • Avg. DNS Lookup Time
  • Avg. Response Time
  • Avg. TCP Connect Time
  • Avg. Transaction Time
  • Bytes Received Total
  • Descriptions
  • Failed Transactions
  • Indexes
  • Max. DNS Lookup Time
  • Maximum Response
  • Max. TCP Connect Time
  • Min. Transaction Time
  • Names
  • Percent Failed Attempts
  • Percent Successful Attempts
  • Response/Limit
  • Response Throughput
  • Successful Attempts
  • Successful Transactions
  • Total Errors