Language Support

DX NetOps Performance Management
supports the following locales:
DX NetOps Performance Management
supports the following locales:
  • English (US)
  • French (France)
  • Japanese
For more information about how to customize the language for your user account, see Customize Your User Settings.
In this article:
Untranslated Items in
DX NetOps Performance Management
The following items are not localized.
Component and Device Type Names
Component types are not localized, and the following device type names are not localized when you view them in report dashboards, groups, and inventory views:
  • Device types
    • Other Devices
    • Pingable Devices
    • Call Server
Device Component
label and description in the
Group Rule
dialog are not localized.
Custom Context Types from Data Sources
Custom context types synchronized by data sources, such as the context types display in the
Dashboard Editor
, are not localized.
Data Collector Installer Download Page
The data collector installer download page (
) is not localized.
For more information about how to install the data collectors, see Install the Data Collectors.
Data Collector Names
The names of data collectors are not localized.
Data Source Localization Limitations
The names, descriptions, and other aspects of the predefined monitoring profiles and threshold event profiles that you can view in
DX NetOps Performance Management
administration are not localized.
Network Flow Analysis
is only translated into French, Chinese (Simplified), and Japanese.
Event information from
CA Application Delivery Analysis
Network Flow Analysis
, and
CA Unified Communications Monitor
data sources, such as event descriptions and event types, is not localized.
Custom Item Types from Data Sources
Some data sources support unique managed item types. For example, the data aggregator data source supports a "Device Component" managed item type. When data sources synchronize managed items with unique item types, the items appear in the Inventory, but their names and types are not localized.
Data Source Role Rights
Some of the supported data sources have their own sets of role rights. In some cases, the data source user interface is not localized into all of the supported languages. Role rights that are synchronized from such data sources that appear in the
Edit Role Rights
dialog are not localized.
Additional data sources, such as
CA Application Delivery Analysis
CA Unified Communications Monitor
also have limitations.
Role rights that are synchronized from
CA Application Delivery Analysis
CA Unified Communications Monitor
, and
Network Flow Analysis
are not localized.
Direction Terms
The direction terms "In" and "Out" are not localized in the
Interfaces Over Threshold
DNS Names
DNS names are not localized.
English String in
NetOps Portal
When you run the installer on a server or in the command line with a locale set to a language other than English, the string
appears in English. This string is not localized.
How To Videos
Videos that supplement the documentation are not translated.
Installation Scripts
data repository scripts are not localized.
Limitations on Custom Strings
You cannot provide multiple translations for strings that you customize, such as the following strings:
  • Group Name
  • Tenant Name
  • Domain Name
  • Role Name
  • View Title
  • Monitoring Profile Name
  • Threshold Event Profile Name
  • Discovery Profile Name
Monitoring Profiles
The names and descriptions of the product default monitoring profiles are not localized.
MIB Compiler Errors
MIB compiler errors are not localized.
Overview Tab in
NetOps Portal
CA Unified Communications Monitor
uses some tabs on the top-level dashboards. The Overview tab is not localized. The workaround is to manually create a new dashboard that contains the
CA Unified Communications Monitor
Theme Names
Theme names are not localized.
XML Tag Names
The XML tag names for vendor certification and metric family files are not localized.
Third-Party Information
The following third-party information is not localized:
License Agreements for Third-Party Products
The license agreements for third-party products are not localized.
Third-Party Scripts
Any third-party scripts included in the product, such as the capabilities of a script, are not localized.
Known Issues
The date format is incorrect in Asian languages on the
tab on device context pages.