Modern Network Monitoring

DX NetOps Virtual Network Assurance
(VNA) provides modern network monitoring for software-defined architectures and hybrid cloud platforms. VNA enables comprehensive coverage with monitoring that is scalable and heterogeneous across the greatest number of technology stacks in the following network architectures:
  • Traditional
  • SDN
  • SDDC
  • SD-WAN
  • NFV
  • Hybrid-cloud
To show you both virtual network data and traditional physical infrastructure performance information, VNA collects data from these architectures and delivers that information to
DX NetOps Performance Management
Load VNA Data
To populate dashboards with VNA data, load the inventory and performance data.
For more information, see Integrate with Virtual Network Assurance.
VNA Domains
DX NetOps Performance Management
uses VNA domains as reporting groups.
Modern Network Monitoring Dashboards
You can view VNA data related to the relevant technologies and architectures of your environment from the dashboards in
NetOps Portal