Upgrade Device Packs in CA Mediation Manager for Infrastructure Management

Upgrade Considerations
Upgrade Considerations
Several upgrade combinations are possible with this product integration.
  • Upgrade only Data Aggregator or CA Performance Center
    No special steps are required before upgrading. The EMS integration profiles can continue to run during the upgrade.
  • Add new device packs to Data Aggregator or CA Performance Center
    New device packs can be added to current or upgraded versions of Data Aggregator or CA Performance Center. The existing EMS integration profiles can continue to run while installing new device packs.
  • Upgrade only EMS Device Packs
    EMS profiles for existing EMS device packs must be stopped before an upgrade to those device packs can be completed. The installer notifies you about which EMS profiles to stop.
Upgrade Device Packs
A device pack consists of Engine, Certification, and Views. The device pack upgrade process supports only the console mode and you can upgrade multiple device packs.
Follow these steps:
  1. Log in to the host where CA Performance Center is installed.
    You must be logged in as an administrator to perform this task.
  2. Unzip the ems_installer.zip file; the following files or folders appear:
    • core
      This folder contains libraries and plugins.
    • devicepacks
      This folder contains device packs.
    • conf.properties
      This configuration file is used for the installation.
    • ems-installer-bin.jar
      This file is the installer file.
  3. Execute
    java - jar ems-installer-bin.jar
    The installation starts.
  4. Press Enter repeatedly to scroll through the license agreement. At the end of the agreement, type
    and press Enter to accept the license agreement.
  5. Provide the CA Performance Center user name, password, and HTTP port number.
    admin, admin, 8181
  6. Provide the Data Aggregator IP address.
    If Data Aggregator was not previously added as a data source, provide the IP address. Otherwise, the EMS installer retrieves the Data Aggregator information.
  7. Provide the Data Aggregator HTTP port or press Enter to accept the default port.
    Options such as install, uninstall, or upgrade device packs display.
  8. Type
    and press Enter to upgrade device packs.
  9. Do one of the following tasks:
    • Type
      and press Enter to exit the installer.
    • Type
      and press Enter to upgrade certifications on Data Aggregator.
    • Type
      and press Enter to upgrade Engines on Data Collector.
    • Type
      and press Enter to upgrade views on CA Performance Center.
    • Type
      and press Enter to upgrade Certifications, Engines, and Views.
    If you upgrade the Engines, take a backup of the following files:
    - Existing EMS profiles parameter values by using the REST web service
    - Customized XML configuration files, such as Performance.xml and Inventory.xml
    After you upgrade the Engines, recreate the EMS profiles. However, data or reports are not lost.
  10. Select the certifications to upgrade on Data Aggregator. To multiple certifications, separate the options by commas. For example, to install options 1, 3, and 4, type
    and press Enter.
  11. Select the specific Data Collector on which to upgrade the Engine.
  12. Stop the EMS profiles that the installer notifies, write down the names of the profiles, and restart them after the upgrade process.
    Stop and restart the EMS profiles using the Data Aggregator Admin user interface.
  13. Select one or more engines to upgrade on Data Collector. To upgrade multiple engines, separate the options by commas.
    During an upgrade, if a plug-in must be installed or upgraded, the installer installs or upgrades the plug-in.
  14. Select the device pack views to upgrade. To upgrade multiple options, separate the options by commas.
  15. Confirm the pre-installation summary, then type
    to continue and start the installation or type
    to exit.
    The installer runs. The selected device packs are installed in the following locations:
    • Vendor certifications:
    • Engines:
    • Libraries:
    • Plugins:
After you upgrade the device pack, recreate the EMS profile.