Deployment Architecture

This section provides information about deployment architecture
This section provides the following information:
Components Overview
DX Platform
 runs on Kubernetes and consists of about 60 services. At a high level, the 
DX Platform
 deployment is divided into the following three layers:
  • Application Service Layer:
     This layer runs most of the DX Platform, DX APM, DX OI services. This layer enables components to provide their functionality. Services are deployed to the available hardware using Kubernetes orchestration layers based on available resources.
  • Elastic Service Layer:
     This layer runs the Elasticsearch service and some services that are related to data storage and processing.
  • Kubernetes Master Layer:
     This layer runs Kubernetes master node. You are expected to provide a pre-configured Kubernetes environment. 
Deployment Architecture Diagram 
The following image displays the 
DX Platform
 Architecture. The component deployment diagram is a logical diagram and not a physical diagram.
Deployment Diagram
For information about the deployed services, see the see the  section.