DX Dashboards

This section provides the introduction to the DX dashboards.
The DX Dashboards is a visualization platform that is designed to search, view, and interact with the data that is stored. Using the DX Dashboards, you can create comprehensive business reports to visualize real-time analytics. Each
DX Dashboard
is a collection of panels that are arranged in a grid pattern. Each panel in the dashboard interacts with the data from the data source and provides visualization of your data. A dashboard also enables you to drill down into details.
Threshold Values
The DX Dashboards includes the following benefits:
  • Enables you to visualize inventory, health, alarms, metrics and logs
  • Supports multi-tenancy
  • Supports graph annotations
  • Enables users to drill down to different layers
  • Provides slicing and dicing of the AIOps data lake
The DX Dashboards data sources are not supported with an external instance of Grafana. However, you may deploy DX Dashboards as a standalone instance and connect with any of the data sources. For further assistance, contact the Broadcom Support.
Access DX Dashboards
The DX Dashboards are available to all the tenants in
Follow these steps:
  1. Log in to DX SaaS.
  2. In the
    App Launcher
    that is in the top-right corner, click
    DX Dashboards
    Dashboards Manage dashboards & folders
    page which is the landing page opens in a new tab.
    For a new user, the landing page displays the Out-of-the-box dashboards under the folders named
    Health Monitoring
    . For an existing user, this page displays both the Out-of-the-box dashboards and the custom dashboards, if any. Click the required dashboard in the list to open and view the details.