Troubleshooting DX Dashboards

This section provides information to troubleshoot the DX Dashboards.
This section covers the troubleshooting information for the DX Dashboards:
DX Dashboards Fails to Load
When I have configured LDAP integration for authentication, DX Dashboards fails to load.
Ensure that the
table in the PostgreSQL database is updated with the following information:
Repoattributename | arcotattributename
sAMAccountName | USERID userPrincipalName | EMAILADDR sAMAccountName, userPrincipalName: Select these values based on your LDAP configuration.
Nested Tables in Table Visualization
The table in the graph is nested when the last column has an array of values.
Do one of the following:
  • Ensure that the last column does not have an array of values.
  • If the last column in the table must have an array of values, add a hidden column after the last column.
SingleStat Chart Fails to Load
The chart for my SingleStat panel query that has
Group by Date histogram
fails to load with the following error:
Only query that returns single series/table is supported.
The Singlestat panel supports only data in a table format but not the time series data.
Perform one of the following steps:
  • Change the visualization panel to Stat.
  • Remove
    Group by Date histogram
    in the Singlestat panel definition.
Table Visualization Data Limit in PDF Format
When the generated dashboard report includes a table visualization, the generated PDF captures only data that is visible within the viewport and not the complete table data.
To view the complete table data, enable the
Export Table Data
option while creating the report. Alternatively, you can click the
panel name > Inspect > Data > Download CSV
to download the complete table data.
Snapshot Displays an Error
An unauthorized error is displayed when the snapshot of the Dashboard List panel loads.
Creating a snapshot of the Dashboard List panel visualization is not supported by design.