Configure the Authentication Mechanisms Using the SSO Configuration Tool

You can can control the authentication mechanisms that
NetOps Portal
uses using the Single Sign-On Configuration (SSOConfig), and view them in
NetOps Portal
. This article details how to configure the settings in SSOConfig.
For more information about how to view these settings using
NetOps Portal
, see Configure the Authentication Mechanisms.
Follow these steps:
  1. Open a terminal session on the
    NetOps Portal
    host (as root or with the
  2. Launch the Single Sign-On Configuration tool by issuing the
    command in the following directory:
    is the default installation directory.
    You are prompted to select an option. The available options correspond to data source running on the local server.
    Use the following commands as needed while you are selecting settings:
    • q
    • b
      (go back to the previous menu)
    • u
    • r
  3. Enter
    for the
    1. DX NetOps
    option to configure
    NetOps Portal
    (CAPC) security settings.
    You are prompted to choose a configuration option.
  4. Enter
    of the following authentication mechanisms:
The authentication mechanism is configured.