View performance information and configure dashboards and reports.
DX NetOps Performance Management
 monitors the health of your environment, including networks, applications, and devices. To display the relevant data, 
DX NetOps Performance Management
 uses dashboards and context pages. Both types of pages include views that show different information about your infrastructure.
NetOps Portal
NetOps Portal
 is the web user interface for 
DX NetOps Performance Management
. Use 
NetOps Portal
 to view infrastructure data, configure, collect, and perform administrative tasks. Use
NetOps Portal
with any modern web browser.
The following video shows the login process and provides more information about the authentication process:

Follow these steps:
  1. Open a web browser.
  2. In the address field, enter the following address:
    • PC_host
      The IP address or hostname of the 
      NetOps Portal
    • 8181
      The default port number for 
      NetOps Portal
  3. Specify your 
    NetOps Portal
     username and password.
  4. (Optional) Select 
    Remember me on this computer
     to save your login session for 15 days. This option prevents your session from being deleted when you log out, time out, or you close the browser.
  5. Click 
    Log In
    NetOps Portal
     console opens to your home dashboard.