Events are messages that provide information about what is happening in
DX NetOps Performance Management
You can monitor the health and status of your system and your environment using events. Events are messages that provide information about what is happening in
DX NetOps Performance Management
. Events include basic information, such as related devices and the time of the occurrence that triggered the event.
You can integrate the Event Manager with
DX NetOps Spectrum
. In
DX NetOps Spectrum
, you can configure events that generate alarms.
For more information, see the
DX NetOps Spectrum
Events Views
The following views are included in the
Events Display
  • Events
    This view displays all the events that occurred in the selected time range for the dashboard. You can filter this view for a specific group. This view is the default view in the
    Events Display
  • Filtered Events
    This view includes filters for data source, severity, event type, event subtype, and threshold profile.
To see the complete event properties, select an event in any view, and then click
View Events
The following is a list of scenarios for viewing and managing events:
  • Troubleshoot performance issues
    Troubleshoot performance issues with a specific device by filtering the events to that device. The
    view filters all events to display only those for the selected device.
  • Monitor thresholds
    Configure thresholds that generate events for specified devices, components, or groups. Use these events to track when the monitored devices do not meet operating requirements.
    For more information, see Configure Threshold Profiles.
  • Track configuration changes
    If you have choosen to manually control when changes to monitoring occur (the
    Automatically Update Metric Families
    option is cleared for a custom monitoring profile), view the events log to view configuration changes. Reconfiguration events with the
    subtype indicate detected changes on the monitored devices. Reconfiguration events with the
    subtype indicate changes to device items.
    For more information about this option, see Configure Monitoring Profiles.
  • Audit changes to the system
    Administration events provide useful information about changes to the system configuration, such as the time of a change.