Upgrade Requirements and Considerations

Before you upgrade, review the following information to ensure that you have met all the requirements:
Before you upgrade, review the following information to ensure that you have met all the requirements:
Review the Known Limitations
To ensure that your system runs successfully after the upgrade, review the limitations of
CA Performance Management
 3.1. For more information, see Known Limitations.
Verify System Requirements
To ensure that you successfully upgrade
CA Performance Management
, verify that your environment meets the system requirements. To verify the sizing requirements, use the capm Sizing Tool.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5.x is now deprecated. Data Repository upgrades on RHEL 5.x systems fail before the Vertica upgrade begins. To proceed with an upgrade, migrate the Data Repository to an RHEL 6.x system. For more information, see Migrate the Data Repository.
Other components on RHEL 5.x do not require an OS upgrade for this release.
Supported Upgrade Paths
We support direct upgrades from the following releases:
  • Release 2.6
  • Release 2.7
  • Release 2.8
  • Release 3.0
    Upgrading the Data Repository is unnecessary when upgrading
    CA Performance Management
    from 3.0 to 3.1.
For upgrades from releases older than release 2.6, first upgrade the system to 2.6. For more information, see the 2.6 documentation.
Sudo User Installations
For systems without root access, sudo user accounts are used to install and run the software. Add the sudo prefix to commands to upgrade the components. Verify that your sudo accounts contain the correct permissions for each component.
For more information, see the sudo user configuration details for each component:
Back Up
CA Performance Management
Before you begin the upgrade process, back up all aspects of the product:
Vendor Certification Priorities
New vendor certifications are placed at the bottom of the Vendor Certification Priorities list for the corresponding metric family. To take advantage of the new vendor certifications, manually change the vendor certification priorities.
For example, F5 CPU vendor certifications are modeled as normal CPUs but do not get discovered because F5 also supports Host Resources. After an upgrade, the Host Resources CPU priority entry is higher than the F5 entries appended to the end of the priority list. To discover F5 CPU devices and components, update the vendor certification priority for the CPU metric family.
Apache Karaf Update
Release 2.7 introduced an update to Apache Karaf that changes the name of the Karaf directory. Karaf now uses the following directory:
Clear Browser Cache
CA Performance Management
users to clear their browser cache before accessing the upgraded version.