Polling Does Not Complete for My Sensitive Device

Polling on my critical device cannot complete in a single polling cycle. The large amount of network traffic sometimes completely stops my device. How can I reliably poll this device to help ensure quality performance?
Polling is vital for monitoring a device. However, excessive polling can cause a large amount of network traffic, which can degrade your ability to monitor a device successfully. If too much network traffic is overwhelming your sensitive device, you can try the following adjustments to reduce overall traffic to the device:
  • Adjust your monitoring profile to remove unnecessary metric families from polling.
  • Apply a filter in your monitoring profile to reduce the number of polled interfaces.
  • Adjust your monitoring profile to poll less often (for example, change the SNMP Poll Rate to 15 minutes, instead of the default 5 minutes).
  • Adjust the SNMP traffic threshold to lower the number of SNMP requests that are sent to the device at a time.
  • Adjust the SNMP timeouts threshold to control how many polling timeouts cause polling to suspend for the current polling cycle.