Data Source Registration Fails

I attempt to add a new data source, but the registration fails. The following message appears: 'Create Data Source Failed: Data source communication failure.'
Solution 1:
This message indicates that the data source is unreachable. Do the following:
  • Verify that the data source is running.
  • Verify that the DNS hostname or IP address of the server where the data source database is installed is correct. You can edit the data source to view this information.
  • Check intervening firewalls. Make sure they are configured to let CA
    Performance Center
    communications reach the data sources. For more information about the ports to open, see the
    Installation Guide
Solution 2:
If the failure occurred with a CA Infrastructure Management Data Aggregator data source, verify that it is running. Access the following URL:
where 'host' is the IP address of the server where the Data Aggregator is installed, and 'port_number' is the port used to access the RESTful web service, usually 8181.
The web service status indicates whether the Data Aggregator is running.
Solution 3:
Check the Device Manager application.log file. The file is written to the following directory:
The log entry references the URI used by CA
Performance Center
to communicate with the data source, along with a stack trace.