Data Source Test Fails

I test a data source during the registration process, but the test fails.
Solution 1:
Do the following:
  • Verify the DNS hostname or IP address of the server where the database for the data source is installed.
  • Try running the data source registration. The data source registration might succeed even if the test failed.
  • Check the logs for registration failure information. For more information, see Data Source Registration Fails.
Solution 2:
If the failure occurred with a Data Aggregator data source, verify that it is running. Access the following URL:
This URL does not open the correct page in Mozilla Firefox. Use another supported browser.
The web service status indicates whether the Data Aggregator is running.
Solution 3:
If the failure occurred with a data source other than a Data Aggregator, check the application log file (PC/logs/application.log) for a corresponding event. The log entry includes the URL that CA
CA Performance Center
uses to communicate with the data source, as well as a stack trace.