Run the modelinggateway Tool for Import

Import a Single File
To run the modelinggateway tool for importing a single file, use the following syntax.
modelinggateway.bat -vnm vnm_name -i import_file [-o outputfile] [-debug debugfile]
modelinggateway -vnm vnm_name -i import_file [-o outputfile] [-debug debugfile]
  • -vnm
    Specifies the
    host name.
  • - i
Specifies the XML file name which contains the necessary input information (that is compiled with .modelinggateway.dtd.)
If you are importing from multiple files, specify the files names that are enclosed in comma-separated {} brackets. For example, refer to the syntax sample for importing multiple files.
  • -o
(Optional) Logs the error information to the file named in the
If you don't specify the debug/output file names, the error information is logged to a file named
is the name of the XML file.In case of multiple imports, the debug/output files are appended and you can see consolidated logs.
  • -debug
(Optional) Indicates that you would like to create a debugging output file during the import process. When using the -debug option, you can provide your own debug file name for output. If you do not supply a value for
, the debug file name defaults to the
name suffixed with ".debug."
The -debug option requires disk space on the machine where Modeling Gateway is run. For example, a large debugging output file can result when the number of models in the
is large or when the device models have large interface densities.
Import Multiple Files
The modelinggateway tool now supports import from multiple XML files. You can now specify any number of import files. 
To run the modelinggateway tool for importing multiple files, use the following syntax:
modelinggateway -vnm vnm_name [-user SS user][-i{importfile1,importfile2...}]|[ -cmdb]-e exportfile][-o outputfile] [-debug debugfile]
Modeling Gateway checks the total SS model count before starting import from each file. The import process will be stopped if the total model count in the SpectroSERVER is more than the critical model limit threshold (1040000 models).