Business Objects Integration

To activate or disable the integration between CABI and sprc, provide connection information for CMC and BI Launch Pad.
To activate or disable the integration between CABI and
Spectrum Report Manager
, provide connection information for CMC and BI Launch Pad.
If you disable an integration, reporting and report administration capabilities are disabled. However, disabling the integration does not cause
Spectrum Report Manager
to stop collecting and managing data from the monitored
Multi-Tenancy Support
Starting from Spectrum 10.0 release, you can use the Multi-Tenancy Support feature to generate reports for multiple landscapes data collected by multiple SRM servers. The main purpose of this feature is reducing the number of CABI machines and allowing a single CABI machine to generate reports for multiple SRMs. Using this feature you can connect multiple SRM servers to a single CABI  to monitor entire network infrastructure easily and efficiently.
  • Multi-Tenancy Support is available for Crystal reports only and it does not support WEBI reports.
  • In Multi-Tenancy Support environment for OneClick specific reports, do not use the
    folder which is present under 'CA Reports' folder rather use the 'CA Spectrum_<Oneclick Hostname>'.
  • The Business Objects integration takes 20 to 30 minutes on the OneClick home page depending on the system configuration and network speed. With the Multi-Tenancy option enabled, the integration takes more time.
Follow these steps:
  1. Access the
    Spectrum Report Manager
    Admin Tools
  2. Select the Business Objects Integration option.
  3. Specify the following information:
    • Same
      machine as
      CA Spectrum
      Spectrum Report Manager
      Verify only if your CABI instance is on the same server as
      CA Spectrum
    • Enable Multi-Tenancy Support  
      Select the check box to enable the Multi-Tenancy Support functionality.
    • BO Server host name
      Specify the host name of your CABI instance if it is not the same server as
      CA Spectrum
    • BO Server CMS Port
      Specify the port upon which the CABI Central Management Console server is running. Default is 6400.
    • BO Admin User
      Specify the CABI Admin User ID ('Administrator').
    • BO Admin Password
      Fill in the password for the Admin User ID in CABI.
    • BO Authentication Type
      Specify the authentication type. The default of 'secEnterprise' is recommended.
    • BO Tomcat Port
      Specify the port where CABI Tomcat is running. The BO Tomcat port cannot be the same port that
      CA Spectrum
      Tomcat uses, if CABI and OneClick are on the same server.
    • BO Integration
      Verify Enabled or Disabled.
      If Disabled is selected and saved,
      CA Spectrum
      Tomcat no longer connects or launches into the CABI instance.
    • Single Sign-On with BI Launch Pad - SSO Credentials
      Specify the way that the OneClick home page attempt to use Single Sign-On to log in to BI Launch Pad.
  4. Click Test to ensure the parameters that you entered previously are valid.
  5. If the Test option proves that the parameters are valid, click Save to enable the integration.
This process can take a minute. Therefore, do not cancel or navigate from this page until you get a success message. During this process all the
Spectrum Report Manager
report content is imported from the OneClick server into Business Objects.
Once the integration is configured,
Spectrum Report Manager
report content is installed and can connect to the MySQL reporting database. The link for the 'Business Objects Administration (CMC)' and the menu-bar 'BI Launch Pad' link now launches the CABI web applications on the CABI instance that you specified.