CA Business Intelligence (BOXI)

CA Business Intelligence (CABI)
CA Spectrum
Reporting uses CA Business Intelligence (CABI) to display reports.
CABI is a reporting and analytic software package that
CA Spectrum
and other CA products use to present information and support business decisions.
CA Spectrum
uses CABI to integrate, analyze, and present information that is required for effective enterprise IT management, through reports.
CABI is composed of SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI, with a set of tools for information management, reporting, querying, and analysis.
CABI installs SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI (BOXI) as a standalone component. The installation runs independently and enables other CA products to share Business Intelligence services. CABI installation is a distinct activity within the overall CA product installation process.
For more information, see the documentation and the
BusinessObjects Enterprise XI (BOXI)
CA Business Intelligence packages and delivers BusinessObjects Enterprise XI (BOXI). BOXI is a flexible, scalable, and reliable business intelligence reporting system that can be integrated into an information technology infrastructure.
CA Spectrum
uses an extensive set of business intelligence capabilities that include reporting, querying, and analyzing using BusinessObjects Enterprise technology.
CA Spectrum
uses the following reporting technologies that BusinessObjects Enterprise offers:
  • SPEC--CrystalReportIconCrystal Reports®, a common reporting framework enables CA products to deliver reports through BusinessObjects Enterprise Crystal Reports Viewer. Reports from the Crystal Reports framework have the Crystal Reports icon.
  • SPEC--WebiReportIconBusinessObjects Web Intelligence® (WEBI) is an improvised query and analysis tool for easy data access, exploration, and interaction. The WEBI drag-and-drop interface lets you construct your own reports. Reports from the WEBI interface have the WEBI icon.
BI Launch Pad
BI Launch Pad is a web-based interface that lets you manage reports with the following features:
  • Browsing and searching capabilities.
  • Content access (creating, editing, and viewing).
  • Content scheduling and publishing.
BI Launch Pad functions like a Windows application rather than a simple web application. The BI Launch Pad toolbar dynamically changes to provide actions through context menus that are consistent with the function you want to perform. Report structures are consistent and provide security and authorizations.
BI Launch Pad also provides access to the Web Intelligence (WEBI) designer. The WEBI designer lets you create customized reports with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Custom data object selection with effective filtering options enables reporting capabilities for your environment. You can use Preferences to personalize your BI Launch Pad start page, specify viewing options, and perform other tasks.
You can use Preferences to personalize your BI Launch Pad start page, specify viewing options, and perform other tasks. For more information, see the documentation.
What Does BI Launch Pad Replace?
CA Spectrum
CA Spectrum
 Reporting used a proprietary, custom user interface, and folder organization.
CA Spectrum
 Reporting functions are now available through BI Launch Pad. The primary benefit of BI Launch Pad is that most CA products with reporting capabilities are presented in a consistent way. With BI Launch Pad, CA products use the report content that is stored in a common repository. The common BI Launch Pad interface ensures that the CA Reports are run and scheduled in the same manner.