Use WEBI Sample Reports

CA Spectrum
Reporting includes WEBI Sample Reports, which are based on Crystal Reports. The WEBI sample reports also showcase some of the WEBI features:
  • Graphing
  • Aggregate Data Functions
  • Varied Report Layouts
  • Crosstabs and Pivot Tables.
Access WEBI Sample Reports
You can access and run WEBI Sample reports from BI Launch Pad. Using the WEBI sample reports as templates, you can create your own WEBI-based reports and select relevant
CA Spectrum
Follow these steps:
  1. From the BI Launch Pad window, select Document List, Public Folders, CA Reports, and then
    CA Spectrum
  2. Select Sample WEBI Documents.
    The available Sample WEBI documents/reports appear.
  3. Double-click a report.
    The report displays.
  4. Select report parameter values, where required.
  5. Click Run Query.
    The report displays.
Copying and Editing WEBI Sample Reports
The WEBI Sample Reports can be used as a base for copying and editing to create your own WEBI reports.
The following picture shows the WEBI Sample reports:
image2014-10-17 15:55:31.png
We recommended 
 editing the WEBI Sample Reports directly. Copy the report to another folder, and edit the report.
Follow these steps:
  1. Create a folder outside the CA Reports folder hierarchy, and under the Public Folders level to contain your customized WEBI reports.
    Create folders outside the CA Reports folder hierarchy, and under the Public Folders level is important as product upgrades may overwrite contents inside the CA Reports folder. For more information, see the section.
  2. Access the WEBI Sample Reports.
  3. Select the report that you want to copy, right-click, and select Organize Copy.
  4. Select the report folder that you created, right-click, and select Organize Paste.
    The report appears in the right-hand side panel.
  5. Highlight the report that you copied, right-click, and select Modify.
    The Ad Hoc Reporting panel appears.
    1. To edit the report display, click Edit Report.
    2. To edit the query, click Edit Query.
    The Ad Hoc Reporting Panel provides multiple features. For more information, see Generating Ad Hoc Reports
User Resolving Java Error in Report Manager Sample (WEBI) Reports
A Java error appears in the 
Spectrum Report Manager
 Sample (WEBI) reports. When I open sample report, I see the following error message:
Java has discovered application components that could indicate a security concern -- Block potentially unsafe components from being run? (recommended). (Yes/No)
If I select Yes, the report results do not display. If I select No, the report results are displayed.
The issue occurs when running your browser on a Windows system with versions higher than Java 6 update 17. To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:
  1. Open Java from the Control Panel.
  2. Select the Advanced Tab
  3. Expand the Security option.
  4. Expand the Mixed Code option.
  5. Select 'Enable - hide warning and run with protections'.
    The report runs successfully on Windows.