Using Reports

This section describes the procedure to use, generate and schedule Reports.
Use BI Launch Pad to Generate Reports
You can access BI Launch Pad from the OneClick home page to generate and manage reports.
Consult your OneClick administrator for the following information:
  • Supported Web browsers.
  • CABI login credentials to access BI Launch Pad.
Follow these steps:
  1. Log in to OneClick.
  2. Click the BI Launch Pad tab in the OneClick Console.
    The BI Launch Pad window opens.
    You can also open BI Launch Pad directly from a Web browser to access
    CA Spectrum
    reports. The typical URL format is as follows:
  3. Click the Document List folder.
    The Document List folder lets you view all BI Launch Pad reports, including
    CA Spectrum
  4. Select the Public Folders, and then CA Reports.
    You can set the CA Reports folder as the BI Launch Pad start page through the Preferences section. For more information, see the section.
  5. Select
    CA Spectrum
    You can access report packs to which you have been granted rights. Consult your administrator for assistance if you cannot access a report pack.
  6. Specify the parameter values for the selected report.
    The following image shows the parameter settings for an 'Availability by Vendor and Type: All Devices' report.
  7. Click View Report.
    The report displays.
  8. To Export/Save a report, click the Export icon and select the report type to save.
    The report is saved.