Place Interface Models in Maintenance or Hibernation Mode

In the Component Detail panel of a device interface, enable the In Maintenance option to place the interface model into maintenance mode. This action suspends management of the interface. However, CA Spectrum still performs regular management on the device and on its other interface.
Unlike the maintenance mode, hibernation only applies to devices; you cannot place the interfaces alone into hibernation mode.
In the maintenance or hibernation mode, following conditions apply to the interface model:
  • Brown alarms are shown for interfaces in hibernation mode.
  • Alarms are not created for the port.
  • Events are logged for the port.
  • No polling, logging, or other device communication is performed for the port model until the interface resumes normal management.
  • Link Down traps that are sent are ignored, and no alarms are generated.
  • If the Live Pipes option is enabled for a connection and one of its end points is in hibernation mode, the color of the pipe in the topology view turns brown. Status polling for that port is discontinued.
If a connection is modeled with a WA_Link model connection to two ports, and one of those ports is in hibernation mode (or maintenance mode), an alarm is created on the WA_Link and WA_Segment models. The WA_Link icon in the OneClick topology views turns brown. If Live Pipes are enabled on this link, the pipe remains green as long one port is up. If the second port is down or unreachable, the pipe condition color turns gray.
If CA Spectrum loses contact with a device model that is connected to a port in hibernation or maintenance mode, the ‘Device Has Stopped Responding to Polls’ alarm is suppressed for that device and for all adjacent devices. If device_contact_lost alarms are suppressed because of their position relative to a port in hibernation (or maintenance) mode, the hibernation or maintenance mode alarm reflects these lost devices in its Impact and Severity attributes. View these lost devices in the
tab of the
Alarm Details
panel for that maintenance alarm.
Maintenance and Hibernation for WLC and AP interface models
In the maintenance or hibernation mode, following conditions apply to the WLCs and AP interface models:
  1. If WLC is in Maintenance/Hibernation mode, maintenance alarm is generated on WLC and all other alarms on WLC device are suppressed. The Access Points connected to the WLC are put into maintenance mode.
  2. If AP and its Parent WLC are kept in Maintenance/ Hibernation then both will be in maintenance and all other alarms (except maintenance alarm) on both devices will be suppressed.
  • If AP goes into Maintenance/ Hibernation, only maintenance alarms are generated on the AP and all other alarms are suppressed.
  • If AP is in maintenance and its parent WLC goes into maintenance at a later point, even then, all connected APs will go in maintenance. Once WLC is up, connected APs will be reverted to previously managed state.