Control Menu

The Control menu provides the following functionality:
The Control menu provides the following functionality:
  • Start/Stop SpectroSERVER
    Controls the operation of the SpectroSERVER.
  • Auto Start/Stop Archive Manager
    Lets you configure the Archive Manager to start or stop with the SpectroSERVER on the workstation you are managing.
  • Start/Stop Archive Manager
    Starts or stops the Archive Manager.
    The Archive Manager control buttons will be disabled when any other running process has locked the database.
    Do not attempt to change the state of the Archive Manager when you are running an online backup.
  • OneClick Administration
    Prompts for the host and port of the OneClick web server and opens a browser to the OneClick Administration Pages.
    To determine the browser location on Windows, CA Spectrum opens the default web browser for the current user. To determine the browser location on UNIX and Linux, CA Spectrum uses the PATH variable to first locate Firefox, Mozilla, and then Netscape. To specify a browser, set the SPECTRUM_BROWSER environment variable. For more information, see the Set SPECTRUM_BROWSER Variable section.
  • SpectroSERVER Performance
    Opens the Performance View application. For more information about Performance View, see the SpectroSERVER Performance Administration section.
  • Users
    Lets you view user details, set a new password for an existing user, and create an administrative super user account.