Support for Spectrum Integration with APM SaaS and DXI

About the Integration
With Spectrum 10.3.1, users can now leverage the new APM SaaS integration! The CA APM (SaaS) integration is available through the CA Digital Experience Insights (DXI) platform. With this integration, users can now, discover models/agents from APM SaaS, and get APM alerts via SaaS DOI. APM and (Digital Operational Intelligence) DOI are part of SaaS enabled DXI. The Spectrum with APM SaaS and DXI platform enabled solution, address key challenges for customers such as managing APM agents in SaaS, discovering APM, inventory/models from SaaS and fetching the APM alerts from SaaS. 
How the Integration works
Following is the screenshot of the APM SaaS integration works: 
Generate APM SaaS Security Token
A security token is a randomly generated text string and is roughly equivalent to a text password. This token gives the API access to the APM Web Service. Connect the Enterprise Manager to Command Center. Generate a security token in Team Center. For instructions to generate the token, see the Generate a Security System Token in Team Center section in the CA APM documentation.
Spectrum and APM SaaS Configuration
  1. Ensure that the CA Spectrum and CA APM integration is enabled. Enable the integration from the 
    OneClick Administration
     page. Only after enabling the APM integration you find the configFile 
     created and at 
    .This file allows you to configure the polling interval and throttle count values. By default the value for the polling interval is configured as a maximum of 60 seconds and a minimum value of 15 seconds. For the throttle count, the maximum value is 500. 
    For instructions, see Designate the Integration Server and Enable the Integration.
    image (7).png
  2. Create InterscopeSaaSAdmin Model from the Topology with details of the APM SaaS Endpoint and the DXI SaaS Endpoint. 
    For instructions, see the 
    Create IntroscopeSaaSAdmin Model
    section on this page. 
    APM saas 1.png
  3. From the Interscope Integration Administration window, discover the Interscope Agents and provide details such as the: 
    • APM SaaS Security token
    • Port 
    • DXI SaaS Port
    • Username
    • Password
    • Tenant ID
      For instructions, see the
      Discover Interscope Agents
      section on this page. 
Create IntroscopeSaaSAdmin Model
After you enable the integration, create an IntroscopesaasAdmin model to represent the connection to an Enterprise Manager. The Enterprise Manager can be modeled in any landscape in a Distributed SpectroSERVER environment.
 You can create an IntroscopeSaaSAdmin model in each landscape in a distributed SpectroSERVER environment to monitor a singular Enterprise Manager. However, only a single IntroscopeSaaSAdmin model can monitor a single Enterprise Manager in a distributed SpectroSERVER environment. Disabling the integration disables all IntroscopeSaaSAdmin models.
Follow these steps:
  1. Select the
    subview from the OneClick
    panel and select the
    tab from the
    The OneClick Topology view is displayed in the
  2. Select the spec--createnewmodelbytype--ICO (Model by Type).
  3. Select
     from the list, and then select
    The 'Create Model of Type IntroscopeSaaSAdmin' dialog opens.
  4. Enter the unique Model name.
  5. Provide APM SaaS Endpoint and DXI SaaS Endpoint details then select
    The IntroscopeSaaSAdmin model is created.
Discover Introscope Agents
Follow these steps in CA Spectrum to discover the Introscope agents.
  1. Select the
    subview from the OneClick
    panel and select the
    Information about the IntroscopeSaaSAdmin model is displayed in the
  2. Select the
    tab in the
    Component Detail
    IntroscopeSaaSAdmin configuration is displayed.
  3. Expand the Introscope Integration Administration node and verify the following settings:
    • APM SaaS Endpoint 
    • APM SaaS Port – (default-443)
    • APM SaaS Security Token
    • DXI SaaS Endpoint 
    • DXI SaaS Port – (default-443)
    • DXI SaaS User Name - User name that is used for DXI login
    • DXI SaaS Password - User password that is used for DXI login
    • DXI SaaS Tenant ID - (this value is fetched from DXI using the DXI user name and password)
  4. To change a setting, select the
    link next to the setting, enter the appropriate information in the field, and press
  5. Select
    Discover Agents
    . If there is no alarm/error on the model "InterscopeSaaSAdmin" then the configuration is complete. 
    The Introscope agents are discovered and modeled in CA Spectrum.
How the Sync Works
Once the APM Inventory sync and the Alert sync start, you can see the APM Inventory/Models/Agents under the model type 'InterscopeSaaSAdmin'. If there are any APM alerts that are raised, those can be seen on the models. To perform a full sync for alerts select the Discover Agent under the Information tab in the OneClick. You can also run the discover agents on demand and OneClick server startup. Incremental Sync, that are APM alerts based on the polling interval is specified in the 
and is applicable for only alerts sync and not the inventory sync. 
View Introscope Alarms and Events
You can view Introscope alarms and events in Spectrum OneClick, follow these steps: 
  1. Launch the OneClick.
  2. Expand the
    subview in the
    panel, and select the
    Information about the IntroscopeSaaSAdmin model is displayed in the
  3. Select the
    tab to display alarms or select the
    tab to display events.
    The CA Introscope alarms or events are displayed in the
    panel. Information about the agent that caused the event or alarm is displayed in the
    Component Detail
    panel when you select an alarm or event in the
Following is the screenshot of Alarms being generated in the IntroscopeSaaSAdmin model: 
APM saas 2.png
For the following error messages these are the recommended actions you need to take as a Spectrum user:
  1. Error Message while running discovery 'Unable to contact APM Endpoint' 
    The recommended action, if you cannot communicate to APM SaaS Endpoint is to verify the configuration for the Endpoint, Security Token and the Port. 
  2. Error Message 'Unable to contact DXI Endpoint'
    The recommended action if you cannot communicate to DXI SaaS Endpoint is to verify the configuration for the Endpoint, Tenant ID, Username, Password, and the Port. 
Troubleshooting Tips
Consider or check the following for potential issues: 
  • “Discover Agents” button is disabled
  • Alarms that are created on APM inventory model and IntroscopeSaaSAdmin model that is related to the connection lost. 
  • Alerts not syncing into Spectrum from APM/DOI
To trace and correct faults in the system:
  • Ensure that APM integration is enabled in the OneClick Administration page
  • Check for the tomcat log for connection loss and see the recommended action under the Troubleshooting section.
  • If the alerts are not generated in APM, then verify the same in the APM configuration.
  • If alerts do not pass in DOI, then verify the same in the APM/DOI configuration.
  • If alerts do not pass in Spectrum, then enable the APM Integration debug logs and verify in the tomcat logs whether Alerts are actually coming from APM/DOI.