Access the Device Certification Database Online

Access the Device Certification Database Online
An application on the CA Technical Support website lets you search on all
certified devices. You can determine whether
supports a specific device model and filter by firmware version and release. You can also determine whether a device is supported with a Simple certification or an Enhanced certification.
Follow these steps:
  1. Click the 'Search All Certified Devices' link.
    The Certification Web Database Search application appears.
  2. Select Spectrum from the Product Line drop-down list. SPEC--Device_Cisco
  3. Complete the following search criteria fields as needed to locate your device:
    • Certified Vendors
      Corporations or organizations that manufacture one or more devices that
      has certified. A vendor filter limits your search to all devices owned or acquired by the selected vendor.
    • Keyword Search
      Searches in the Device Type Name field of each device. A keyword search limits your search to all devices that contain the specific keyword in the Device Type Name field.
    • System Object Identifier
      Searches for a System Object Identifier, or a portion of the System Object Identifier. All devices containing the sequence you enter are returned.
      For example, identifies the Cisco 1240AP device.
      Not all devices have a unique System Object Identifier. In addition, some devices lack a
      System Object Identifier.
    • Support Level
      Indicates the current level of
      certification support. Two levels of certification support are available. For more information, see the Overview on Certification section.
  4. Click the Search Database button to initiate a search based on your search criteria.
    Results are displayed, one line per device. Details at this level include the device name and model, System Object Identifier and Support Level.
  5. Click a specific entry in the results table.
    Detailed information about the selected device appears, as shown:
    SPEC--Cisco details