Discovering and Modeling Your Network

This section details how you can discover devices and model your network topology by the following means:
Discovery is a utility that you can run to find devices in your network and to model them automatically in the Universe topology. Discovery uses a set of configuration parameters that you can modify to determine which network entities to discover and model. You can reuse any set of previously saved configuration parameters and you can also rename, duplicate, or delete configurations.
A configuration determines the focus and scope of a Discovery or modeling session. You define the configuration by selecting parameters on the Discovery Console Configuration tab. After you create a configuration, you can choose when to activate it:
  • You can activate the configuration immediately.
  • You can schedule the activation, including scheduling it to recur.
  • You can save the configuration and activate it later.
Depending on your user privileges, you can use the automated Discovery and modeling features together or you can use them separately. For example, here are some ways you can use Discovery:
  • To perform network inventories:
     With read/write privileges to the Discovery parameters, you can use Discovery to identify assets within your network. And, you can export, as needed, the results describing those assets to a desired file format for further review and distribution.
  • To model network entities that you want to manage: 
    With read/write privileges to both Discovery and modeling parameters, you can use Discovery to:
    1. Determine which elements in your network you want to model.
    2. Identify how you would like 
      CA Spectrum
       to model these elements for you automatically.
    Specifying modeling parameters with the Discovery parameters lets you easily create accurate software models of your infrastructure with less time and effort than modeling manually.
Separate Configurations
Creating separate Discovery and modeling configurations offers you more flexibility for customizing the Discovery and modeling process. By providing separate configurations, you can:
  • Discover limited portions of your network by performing several smaller Discovery operations instead of performing one large Discovery operation.
  • Model the results of a Discovery operation using different modeling options.
  • Filter and export the results of a Discovery session in different ways.
  • Filter and export the results of a modeling session in different ways.
This section contains information about the following topics: