Interface Configuration Attributes

You set the value for a set of model type interface configuration attributes in the Interface Configuration grouping. Some of the attributes available include the following:
  • Admin Status
    This attribute sets the administrative status for an interface.
  • Create Sub-Interfaces
    Set this attribute to Yes, and if a device supports RFC1573,
    CA Spectrum
    will model the device’s sub-interfaces.
  • Interface Name Primary Suffix
    CA Spectrum
    uses the value of this required attribute to name interfaces for the model or models for the Rename Interface Models action. Choose from a set of available suffixes in the drop-down list when editing this attribute.
  • Interface Name Secondary Suffix
    CA Spectrum
    uses the value of this optional secondary attribute to name interfaces for the model or models for the Rename Interface Models action. It is prefixed by an underscore (_) and follows the value of the primary suffix. This secondary attribute is optional.
Stale Interfaces
CA Spectrum
handles interface definitions that are temporarily removed from their corresponding MIB tables using its Stale Interface functionality. These types of situations can include:
  • A module is temporarily removed from a device
  • A configured tunnel temporarily goes down on a device
In these situations, it is advantageous for
CA Spectrum
to retain the interface modeling information rather than immediately destroying them. This prevents useful model-specific attributes and resolved connections from being lost.
CA Spectrum
determines that an interface model is stale when no corresponding entry exists in the MIB where the interface is defined. Once the stale interface ‘ages out’
CA Spectrum
removes it from the model. The age out period for an interface is defined by the Stale Interface Age Out attribute (in minutes) on the device model.
An event is generated when
CA Spectrum
determines an interface is stale. If the stale interface has resolved connections, a minor alarm is generated on the interface model. If
CA Spectrum
determines that the interface is no longer stale before the age out period expires, and prior to a reconfiguration which causes the interface model to be destroyed, an event is generated and any stale interface alarm is cleared.
  • Enable Stale Interface Alarms
    Set this attribute to Yes to enable
    CA Spectrum
    to generate a minor alarm on an interface model when the interface becomes stale and it has resolved connections. Set this attribute to No if you do not want this condition to generate an alarm.
  • Stale Interface Age Out (min)
    This attribute specifies the amount of time in minutes that
    CA Spectrum
    waits for the stale interface to ‘age out’ before removing the model. To disable the stale interface functionality, set this attribute to 0.