Service Manager Component Views Outside of the OneClick Console

You can view the Service Manager components outside of the OneClick Console from the following interfaces:
Service Dashboard
The Service Dashboard is a service management only view. It provides visibility to the real-time status for all Services, Customers, and SLAs. The Service Dashboard provides OneClick like console with an Explorer tree, component detail view, and topology view. In addition, the Service Dashboard provides some historical service management views including service outage history, and SLA/Guarantee trending. The dashboard is designed for anyone who is interested in monitoring Service Manager components, and enforces CA Spectrum model security.
Unicenter Management Portal
CA Unicenter users can view summary information about Service Manager components by adding content from the Service Manager portlet. The Service Manager portlet displays flat lists of service models, customer models, and SLAs models. The Service Manager portlet also provides context launching to the OneClick Console or Service Dashboard.